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7th March 2002, 13:58
First, I'm not too sure where to post this. I'm using GKnot, so I've decided to put it here.

I have a region 3 DVD (Buena Vista Social CLub) with DVD2AVI specs as follows:

Frame Rate: 29.97
Video Type: NTSC
Frame Type: Interlaced

The picture is much-o bad when I preview it in DVD2AVI. It's got all those black lines and everything shooting horizontally through it.

I've done about 3 hours of reading on something I don't understand (using Donald Graft's decomb filter) and my encodes are not working.

I open up my d2v, do my smart crop all, get to the save&encode window, set up my noise filters, and here's where I step into uncharted territory: hit the "edit" button to get Donald's filters going.

Here's how things look in my .avs script:

# Created with Gordian Knot
# http://thewef.nav.to
# get them from http://users.win.be/dividee
mpeg2source("D:\Buena Vista\encoding decomb\Buena Vista.d2v")
# or use
# or use
# or maybe

When I hit "start encoding" on the DivX4 tab, GKnot finishes making the .avi in about, oh, 1/2 of a second. What's that all about? The programs (VDub 1st pass, VDub2nd pass, etc.(I'm not doing audio, just a short 5 minute encode to test results) open and close again in less than the blink of an eye!

My Question: What am I doing wrong? :)

7th March 2002, 14:15
Originally posted by seoulsteve

..It's amazing, really, the way that looking at things carefully can lead you from completely baffled to completely embarrassed.

That word up there is incorrectly spellted. It should be "Decimate" :rolleyes:

7th March 2002, 15:43
if its a pure Interlaced source you may use FieldDeinterlace() instead of Telecide
btw.: download Decomb 3.7 and use the Decimate(cycle=5)

so, your settings sould be:


please, someone correct me if i'm wrong

and... send us some news about the results

9th March 2002, 01:36
If it's pure interlaced video, you don't want to use Decimate.

12th March 2002, 14:41
hi all,

i've read all info i've found about interlacing, telecine, etc, etc ... (including of course the nice guide in decomb package, in greedyhma, etc)

as it is not common see combed material (pure interlaced,etc...) here in PAL zones (i live in Spain) it's sometimes hard to work with this kind of movies (also my short brain it's a factor here :D )

i've read that there is no FILM material here, (don't have to set the option in dvd2avi) but it's possible to have "alternate field" movies (as the option in dvd2avi)

please could anyone explain me very briefly what kind of material is possible to have in PAL, and which of them could be handled correclty by decomb, or with greedyhma? do they provide the same functions?

i think (for the guides i've read) that we could only had

- pure interlaced
- alternate fields

is that correct?

thanks a lot for your time and specially to donald for such great plugins


12th March 2002, 15:01

This thread (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20032) in the AVISynth forum might clear up one or two things.

13th March 2002, 00:38
hi all,

very nice thread!
thanks for such nice information,
sometimes is difficult to read all forums and read all interesting threads, and the search button doesn't work ?! at least for me

thanks again!,