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7th March 2002, 09:27
Hello People,I have made a copy of a r2 dvd (the ghost and the darkness) with dvd2svcd.i've made svcd subs switchable NOT permanent, but when my dvd player displays the subs, the subs sometimes comes a second too early and when they stop talking the subs stay on screen until the next conversation.Can this be changed or so with dvd2svcd ? THX THX THX

7th March 2002, 14:48
You must change a file with .sub extension created by dvd2svcd, and then convince DVD2SVCD to perform all the steps to mux the MPEGs, and recreate SVCD structure... neither of this is easy. Or you can multiplex the files yourself with submux and then create the SVCD with the XML file that DVD2SVCD created (you can use SubmuxGUI and VCDEasy as a very convenient GUIs for this). But the manual editing of the .sub file may be really slow and boring, I warn you. I do not know of any tool to edit that files.