View Full Version : What's playing my subtitles?

7th March 2002, 01:33
Well, I decided that I wanted subtitles for this rip I did, and that I didn't want them on all the time. So, I ripped myself a .sub file and that's all perfect. I synched it, and it is very nice. However, when playing back I had the subtitles displayed twice, one in a larger font than the other. Directvob was one of them, hiding subtitles in it turned off one set of subtitles and I uninstalled it in an attempt to find the source of the others. Well, they're still there. I can't turn them off, and that really takes away the whole point of ripping them to a seperate file now doesn't it. Anyone got any ideas what might be playing my subtitles?

EDIT: Oh yes, this is with playback in wmp 6.4

7th March 2002, 15:09

When you turn the subtitles off, can you see the DirectVobSub icon in the system tray? If you can't maybe you muxed the subs into your avi by mistake. In that case, I don't think there's much you do other than encode again. Not sure, though.

7th March 2002, 16:39
Well, there are two DrectSHow filters for displaying subtitles that I know of - DVobSub and DivXG400. It sems you have both of them installed.

To uninstall everything, execute this in commandline:

regsvr32 /u dvobsub.ax
regsvr32 /u divxg400.ax

Then you can start anew.

7th March 2002, 22:21
I'll never know, I decided this was an excellent excuse to reinstall windows (I had other issues as well) and now they work perfect with DirectvobSub..