View Full Version : Letterboxed, but why "stretched out vertically" look?

6th March 2002, 04:13

I do not rip DVD movies much, but came across ID4.
I ripped it via usual manner via Smartripper.

When viewing the vobs on harddrive, the movie seem to be "stretched out" vertically, albeit still letterboxed. The entire movie just seemed to be stretched out vertically. When viewing the DVD directly, the movie looked normal.

Can anyone provide a possible solution or suggestion?

Thanx in advance,

6th March 2002, 10:17
Are you viewing the vobs directly, or going via the IFO file?
You need to view it via the IFO so that the player know hows to setup the screen aspect ratio etc.

6th March 2002, 12:03
this title is 16:9 but the MPEG-2 stream says 4:3 so if you play it without the IFO you'll get the wrong aspect ratio