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5th March 2002, 14:06

I'm very happsy that DVD2SVCD can now handle .m2p files. But now i am searching a cutting program, in order to cut the dvbstream befor i use DVD2SVCD to convert it.
Until now i used Vitec Mpeg-2 Pro v2. I used frame accurat cutting for people woh know this program. But yesterday i recognized that the cutted .m2p is a bit asyncron. It was an 3h long file and i cutted it down to 2h and a few minutes. At the end of the cuted move the audio was nearly one secund behind the viedo. The original file was absolutly syncron. Perhaps has someone a sugestion, what the problem with Video CLip ist or which programm i should use to cut the stream.


5th March 2002, 14:47
Hm. Couldn't you use flask on it? And convert to AVI. Then use virtualdub to cut it. and then use DVD2SVCD(AVI2SVCD)?