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5th March 2002, 09:32
Hi guys, First of all ..great site ..second i was hoping some of u might be able to help me......Last night i formated my old xp and reinstalled it again. On my previous installation everything worked fine when it came to subtitles.... I had previously installed vobsub & oggdec....and could watch all films with subtitles....after having reinstalled xp again yesterday ..and then having installed vobsub 2.09 and oggdec.....i could not seem to get the subtitles working.....when i use powerdivx....and start a movie and try to sellect the vobsub filters i cannot see the vobsub filters...i have no clue anymore on whats going on.....I also cannot seem to remember how i got the subs to work on my first xp installation before (heheh was a long time ago)...it think i had just simply installed vobsub ..and voila things worked...i think.....so please please please ..i need some help.....is there a problem when you install oggdec and the new vobsub 2.09 together on xp.....funny because the older versions i think did work together....anyways ..if i reinstall xp now and just install vobsub & divx codec ..do you guys thing the subs will work...I also cannot seem to remmember how i activated the subs on the new mediaplayer..7.0....(on 2000 & mediaplayer 6.4 i was able to go through properties )...does anyone have any tips or tricks for me on how to get the vobsub activated on the new mediaplayer..like we did on the 6.4!! Well i do hope that u guys get a picture of what my problems are..sorry for tha beasic newbie inconvenience:))...hope someone can take the time to help me!! Greets

5th March 2002, 11:02
Have you installed both DirectVobSub and Ogg subtitler?
When i removed Ogg subtitler DirectVobSub subtitles are working again. Unfortunately i dont have Ogg movies so i cant test it vice versa.

5th March 2002, 11:24
hmmm..i remember installing ogg/vorbis...and then yes i think i did install the subtitle plugin (Subtitds.exe) right aftre i installed oggdec...hmm..maybe that was the mistake i did ..looks like i should only install vobsub 2.09...and then oggdec...and thats shoud be it..hmm...will try bthis when i get home....and if there are any other ideas ..please let me know.....ohh enn ehh ps ..if i install vobsub 2.09...it shoudl automatically arrange subs i believe right....i do not have to adjust any settings like we did with mediaplayer 6.4...right??

5th March 2002, 18:33
Just install DirectVobSub and everything should be ok. I have tested WMP6.4 and WMP7 both worked fine on my PC. I think u can do .cmd or .bat file to uninstall/install subtitle plugin with regsvr32 (Ogg subtitler or DVobSub) depending your movie format.

PS. Maybe someone has better solution for using both subtitle formats at same computer!?

5th March 2002, 21:28
OKI ..all prblems are sloved:)) just don't install SubTitsde.exe..from vrobis with vobsub...then things work juuuussstttt fine with xp:) hope this helps for everyone;))