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4th March 2002, 21:44
Hi! An increasing number of people is trying to use ripped subtitle BMPs into DVDs or miniDVDs, which they create using DVD Maestro or Scenarist. As my program (MaestroSBT) is one of the fewest capable of handling DVD Maestro's script format, they're inventing some creative ways of using it for the task... but MaestroSBT is not aimed to work with pre-generated bitmaps, because its main purpose is to create the bitmaps from text files.

Yesterday I received a mail from doom9 about this subject and I kept thinking that for you it could be very easy to rip the bitmaps from the subtitle stream and create the script to import them into DVD Maestro and/or Scenarist. I have some experience working with these script formats (.SON and .SST), so if you like I can lend you hand on that part (though simple, they have their chatches).


4th March 2002, 21:48
I just saw in this other thread (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18701) that you are already on it :D.

Please count on me on anything you need about these formats. You can contact me at the address in MaestroSBT's readme.


5th March 2002, 00:01
I sent you a private message.