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4th March 2002, 10:57
Hey guys, anybody know what to do with this scenario ?

I have this AVI-file, MPEG4-DivX, with DOLBY DIGITAL (5.1) sound track.
Now to put this on to a VCD, I need to extract the sound, and convert it to stereo.

Step 1: Load the avi into VirtualDub and save the sound track to a file using the Save-to-wav option. But I don't enter .wav as extention, but .AC3
This results in a .AC3 file which is perfectly readable in mediaplayer for instance, or the Soundblaster player.

Step 2: Convert the .AC3 file to .WAV (and optionally downsample from 48000 to 41000 hz)
So I load it into Headache, and start to convert. After a short while it tells me it found a bad Syncword, that the AC3 stream is corrupted and the process is aborted.

Alternate Step2: Convert the AC3 file using BeSweet. After selecting the appropriate files in the BeSweet GUI I hit the convert button, and no matter what I do, the BeSweet executable crashes with a "General Protection Failure" - Illegal pagefault or something in the module <unknown>

So, what next to try ? I ambout to give up.

Anyone have any suggestions ?