View Full Version : Smartripper Problem. Help needed. Please read

3rd March 2002, 18:01
I seem to have a problem when ripping. It rips it rips it rips, gets to VOB1_4 and stops. It is like it freezes. I believe there was a post earlier about this. But Ill elaborate on the problem some more. Its like as if the disk has a scratch but it doesnt. The thing is it isnt the disk. We actually tried 10 DVDs of the same dvd and they all messed up as if there was a error within the file. However when you watch it it plays fine. Its like not a encryption problem. We even tried manually copying and pasting the vob to the hardrive and it always seems to freeze at the same point. Now the thing is we need a way to get around this. It is EXTREMELY important, plus a nice release will be out for you guys if you help out heh. (Ill post it in NFO so you can all know). Anyways, all you highly advanced rippers or anyone who knows what to do or any ideas or anything reply here to help allot of people out.

4th March 2002, 00:52
I would say to try DVD Decrypter, but if its hanging whist copying, there isnt much you can do. Enabling Fast Error Skip in DVD Dec. might help, but other than that, its just a case of waiting while the errors clock up as you click the 'ignore' button.
Dont worry though, when u get to 5, u can select to ignore all errors :)