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2nd March 2002, 12:56
Anyone else experiencing choppy playback? I've tried both XviD and DivX fourcc, but they both give me the same playback problems. It's okay on my new XP1700 PC, but on my P3-450, there is video pausing and skipping after every few seconds, when I previously had no problems with other types of encoding. It seems like there is no problem when there is no audio stream. My container format is Ogg, not sure if that is part of the problem.

2nd March 2002, 12:58
The ogg might be an additional reason.
But usually the bitrate is too high so your CPU can't catch up with it.

Later we might implement a low-pass (and a highpass ;) ) bitrate to give the possibility to prevent that.


2nd March 2002, 13:36
It's definitely not the bitrate. I had no trouble with 2CD DivX4 encodes before, and I was playing back a 1CD XviD rip (of a 2h15 movie).

I'll try and see if I can determine if it's the Ogg container

2nd March 2002, 13:49
I also have that playback problem, but (at least in my case) it's not related to ogg at all. Because the video-only avi file plays exactly the same as the final video+audio ogg file.

Changing FOURCC of the XviD movie doesn't solve it either. And both WMP and PowerDivX have it.

2nd March 2002, 16:05
All of my encodes average between 750-1175 for bitrate use. All the movies playback smooth as silk for me, doesn't matter which player I use either.

By chance do you guys have the Morgan Stream filter installed? I've seen wide spread reports that it causes choppy playback. It's worth checking I suppose.

2nd March 2002, 20:52
For me if i use media player 8 the playback of ogm files is choppy but when i use media player 6.4 the files are playing perfectly.
Also powerDivx 3.12 has the same problem with ogm files as wm8.

2nd March 2002, 22:00
in my experience windows media player 6.4 is still the fastest and best player....just stick with it

2nd March 2002, 22:33
same problem here with K6-433Mhz. Divx3.11 or MPG4v3VKI have no problem playback; However, if bitrate rises above 140K/S then I'll see the same problem. As for xvid the bitrate never goes beyond 125K/S for me, but I still have choppy playback problem. Anyway, desktop CPU are dirt cheap so that would not be an issue at all. 1.1Ghz AMD goes for about 75.00USD which is more then affordable. The problem is the darn notebook. You can not simply upgrade the CPU ( or can you? ). A decent notebook with 900Mhz+ CPU goes for about 1400.00+ USD, which is way the heck to high for just simply playback tool.:(

2nd March 2002, 22:49
I've yet to understand why people still use WiMP as the player of choice. Clearly other players such as BSPlayer and ZoomPlayer has much more flexibility and just as fast as WiMP. So this begs the question...why use WiMP? Because you have for 3 years now? Your comfortable with it? Please....time to break out of the shell guys:D

Hope this doesn't come off as a rant..but hopefully more of an eye opener;)

EDIT- It's still to early to talk about it...but wait until PowerDivx4 is released. Good stuff!

3rd March 2002, 00:15
WMP v6.4 works fine for me.

3rd March 2002, 01:37
I too use WMP 6.4, I dont really like it much it doesnt have much features, but it always worked good and I never had anyone recommend a better one. But I degress.
I ripped 3000 miles to graceland dvd, no audio, 645 MB, and I too have very choppy playback when I full screen it or stretch it to the screen edges. I have Pentium 3 800. when i run it in small window it plays finem but of course is nog od for watching. res is 512 x 204.

13:04:45, Mar 1, 2002 is the build im using.
I used 2 pass, 1st pass quality, 2nd pass INT method, Bitrate payback delay 720 frames, high bitrate 25% low bitrate 25%(default) (default)
No credit encoding options, motion search precision ultra high, H.263,
min and max klf 10/300, min and max quantizer 1/31, FourCC used Xvid.

3rd March 2002, 02:14
While reading that "high" payback delay one idea came to my mind:

lowering payback delay to 1,2 or 3 times your FPS should result in a way better playback performance (when WMP still buffers 5 seconds of video...).

Just an idea.


3rd March 2002, 05:08
Well shoot, i already mentioned it in the wrong thread but same problem here guys with my old p2 400. I need to find, what 200+ bucks to upgrade? I'm a poor college student I tell ya who wishes his 1 CD xvid encodes that are married to vorbis would play fine in his dandy ogg media streams. Guess ghz is finally becoming a minimum requirement.

3rd March 2002, 07:40
Tried WMP 6.4 and having the same problems too (in fact, it's even worse than BSplayer)

4th March 2002, 07:34
Just countinue using Divx fourcc.

Yesteday i tried new Nic's fourcc in daylight and watched movie from monitor. First i loved the results but then tried it again with TV and total darkness. You couldn't see any difference beetween Divx fourcc and Nic's Fourcc!

I have only p3600 eb and i am not going to upgrade soon because i don't play games anymore. Nic's fourcc needs to be rewriten or optimized. I am not going to buy new cpu just to be eable to use stupid post prosecessing. Currently Nic's filter uses way too much processing power. I can use any post processig settings in Divx fourcc without any problems. And yes, even brightness control currently uses way too much cpu processing power.

Always then you compare picture quality you should use TV and be in total darkness. You can't see most of the blocks in bright room, it's very important.

4th March 2002, 09:23
I will reencode the movie using all same settings, except payback delay of 72 fps and see what happens.

4th March 2002, 09:57

Gaia: You could be a tad more grateful & supportive? No?

Anyway should be alot better soon,


4th March 2002, 10:26
it's EXPERIMENTAL! if u don't like experiment, don't use xvid! behave

@nic: competition is always good to consumers lol

4th March 2002, 10:57
Sorry Nic, i didn't mean your fourcc is crap or anything like that. I respect your work a lot:) I am very gratefull what you have done for Xvid:)

avih i like to experiment, have done it a lot recently.

It just that i have only p3600eb and got choppy playback especially in higher bitrate movies. I didn't use deringing. Tested a lot different settings and compared to Divx fourcc, i couldn't see a big difference but i didn't have any playback problems no mater what post-processing settings i used.

Anyway i am very much looking forward to version that works good on older cpu's too. It's very sad if Xvid is going to be Coded for only fast cpu's.

4th March 2002, 11:17
Im sure it will get alot quicker....im not great at assembler....So probably ill update it as much as possible & make it as clean & as simple as possible, then give the source to the hardcore MMX/SSE coders. After there through with it, it will probably go like a rocket :)


4th March 2002, 11:59
Originally posted by Gaia
... Tested a lot different settings and compared to Divx fourcc, i couldn't see a big difference ...

i think nic will consider this at least as a complement :)

4th March 2002, 12:08
Indeed..... :)

(Just remembered I did bring in my sourcecode, compiled with VC7, looks quite fast, but still testing)


4th March 2002, 12:22
Hm. Sounds like I have to release a 04032002-2 release later on?

Btw., just tested the new filter, it works like charme :) Now no drawbacks appear when I use deblocking :)

Best regards,

4th March 2002, 17:10
i didn't know (when i started) how to tackle the deringing filter issue, so i invented a filter :). it's a general one (i.e. in the image domain)

it first selects macroblock according to their (configurable) contrast
then it applies an (configurable) adaptive LPF to the selected MB.
the results are VERY interesting. if u try it, i'd really like to know what u think.

check it out: http://www.geocities.com/avihpit/xvid/post.html
it might be good for cartoons also (i don't have any, so didn't try it with cartoons)


it's not adapting the filter power or selection threshold to the MB q level, do u think it should?

9th March 2002, 15:18
Hi there, i know this is an old thread, but be kind as its only my second post.
First xvid encode of a captured digital cable film, manly just to test, and the quality was outstanding, especially with modulated quant in the 2nd pass (thanks guys!). This was obviously with the xvid ds filter - BUT - the listed and actual fps (as shown in zoomplayer) were different, 25fps and 21-23fps respectively. This results in a loss of audio sync (mp3 cbr 128kbs). With fourc changed to divx perfect sync, but colour errors.

Despite these probs, i will encode tomorrows 2nd episode of '24' (1st was with nandub) with xvid, and hope that the filter will get faster soon (hint!!!). I'll put up with a less than perfect viewing solution (DIVX dsfilter) for now, knowing i'll get superior results in the (near?) future.

I could always upgrade my old celeron 800 in the meantime!

Thanks again guys.

9th March 2002, 20:36
1. READ the FAQ!!!. it has some notes about color issues with divx directshow filter, and how to avoid them (one of the solutions: use resolution as multiple of 16 for width and height + use quant=h.263).

2. the lower fps could be due to high cpu load (especially with high frame sizes), check your cpu level, if it's near/at 100%, that's the problem. disable all filterings, if that doesn't help, reduce your resolution or buy a new cpu :)


10th March 2002, 08:59
I did read the faq - my mention of the colour issues was meant to highlight that despite this i have FAITH in the codec and the excelent work of the developers.

I understand the 'fixes' you suggest (thanks anyway), but the whole point of my post was a gentle reminder to continue work on speeding up the filter. Its probably not needed, but i feel that the stage in development of encoding is sufficiently advanced that the filter issues deserve at least equal consideration. Surely it is a good aim for any xvid material to be able to be played on a similar spec set up as any other mpeg4 coded material - petulantly suggesting someone to upgrade does not forward the xvid cause much imho.

Please keep up the good work,
an xvid user.

10th March 2002, 09:02
Opps - just re-read your post and missed your smiley (after cpu stuff). It is a very happy one and not at all a petulant smiley!!
I must learn to read one day! Sorry!!!

10th March 2002, 09:36
np droolian01
however, as u know, the filter IS developing quite fast these days and getting faster by the day, it's gonna get into the cvs on tuesday (hopefully), and it's still not optimizd by assembler gurus (no offence nic ;) taking your words).
buttom line: speed issues will be handled, as soon as they can (can U help? :) ). keep in mind what u had 2 weeks ago! ;)