View Full Version : Help getting subtitles in mpeg1 permanently

2nd March 2002, 08:06
I can get the .srt file using Subrip, but where do i go from here.
I want to get the subtitles in the mpeg1 format video permanently.
I have looked all over this site and others but haven't found one guide telling me how to do this. If i have just missed it then please tell me where it is. Otherwise plz help.

2nd March 2002, 21:50
You need to convert srt to ssa and then subtitler plugin for Virtual Dub. You will need also frameserving from VDub to Mpeg encoder (Tmpgenc). See download section.

3rd March 2002, 04:17
Ok, I've got the .srt file converted to .ssa, and I got the subtitiler filter setup in VirtualDub. But now is where i get lost.
I can preview the file and the subtitles work great, but there doen't appear to be a way to save the .mpeg with the subtitles in it.
The only option is "save as avi".

3rd March 2002, 04:49
Ignore my last post. I got it now. Thx for your help.