View Full Version : positioning individual subtitles

2nd March 2002, 08:00
i'm using vobsub with the default settings (ie i don't use align), and i'm burning the subtitles into the avi. the position for most subtitles is fine, but sometimes they block text that is part of the anime i'm encoding - this is just how they're positioned on the dvd (poor design). is there a way to reposition just these few lines so that they're not in the way?

7th March 2002, 21:21
You could redo the subtitles with MaestroSBT, which allow for manual positioning of the subtitles. For that, you should use vobsub or subrip to create an .ssa file and use MaestroSBT to create the .sst/.son file for Scenarist or DVD Maestro (or .sub for submux). The guide for this is at doom's place (http://www.doom9.org/) (look for DVD/miniDVD guides).