View Full Version : .srt subs in avisynth

1st March 2002, 20:44
how? convert them?? to what and what dll to use??

1st March 2002, 21:53
Your post is incoherent. If this relates to subtitling, there is a dedicated forum for that.

2nd March 2002, 09:04
sorry.. let me be more specific. how can i use .srt subtitle files
(supported by directvobsub) in avisynth?, but never mind, i found it myself, i converted them to substation alpha subs, and used the virtualdub subtitle filter,
only one problem.. it crashes in tmpeg at 23% of the movie,
i converted the movie before without avisynth and it worked perfectly.
the problem lies in the fact that i want to have permanent subtitles on an divx--> svcd conversion, i thought i could make it work by adding the subs in avisynth and then frameserving it to tmpeg.
gues i should try something else..

7th March 2002, 17:01
Weird, it should not crash. Try downloading the newest Subtitler 2.3 filter - it fixes crashing on subtitles that hit the upper part of the screen - maybe that was your problem.

(but if it is, the SSA script is definitelly fucked up; and you should edit it anyway... Check the script on the MPG file for SVCD using DVobSub to overlay the subtitles; you'll see how will it look in real there)