View Full Version : Capture without framedrops and perfect AV-sync

1st March 2002, 16:51
for all who have Audio/Video-sync problems when capturing with a TV-card/soundcard, maybe this is a solution for you:
i have modified the capture routine in Virtualdub148 and applied a high quality realtime sample rate conversion in order to get perfect integral syncronization between video and audio. So there are no more droped frames when capturing long periods.
You can find it on http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~dittrich/sync together with a short description. Up to now it only works for uncompressed 16bit PCM mono/stereo.
It's a beta version and not tested yet for NTSC - so, feel free to report bugs.

Hope you find it useful,
Andreas Dittrich

1st March 2002, 18:36
Thank you very much!

Now we have something new to play with :D .



2nd March 2002, 14:12
my first tests run perfect. before i had 1 dropped frame every 5 min, with your modification 0 dropped frames until my hd if full :) (80gb).
now lets check for av sync, quality or other problems.
great work !!