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1st March 2002, 13:42
Hope one of you can point me in the right direction on this.

I captured home video from VHS to my system using the Dazzle Hollywood-DV Bridge in AVI format. I use Ulead DVD MovieFactory to capture, convert to MPEG-2, and burn the DVDR. All works well until I try to play the DVD in my standalone player. I must switch to analog input on my receiver to hear the sound. It will not play the sound when my receiver is in DVD/Digital mode. The display on my DVD player shows "MPEG" when it is playing. It plays fine on my PC and there are no synch problems on either my PC or my standalone.

I had a friend of mine capture the same VHS video and burn to DVDR using his iMac. When I play the DVDR he burned on my standalone it will play fine when my receiver is in DVD/Digital mode. The display shows "LPCM" when that DVD is playing.

What am I doing wrong when capturing/convert/burn that causes this? Is there a setting I am missing? Is there a step I am skipping? I see no PCM in the capture settings.

Thanks in advance for any help...

Dell Dimension 700Mhz
10GB Hard Drive
60GB Hard Drive (for video capture)
256MB Memory
Windows 98SE

Eric Hill
Muscle Shoals, AL

1st March 2002, 14:23
It seems like Ulead DVD MovieFactory converts the sound also to MPEG. Some AV Recievers cannot play MPEG sound and therefor you must switch to analog input to hear it. Beware that some DVD's doesn't play MPEG sound either. What you must do is to make Ulead DVD MovieFactory not convert the audio to MPEG, but leave it in PCM format. Unfortunately I have no experience of Ulead, but hopefully there is someone else that can help you with that.