View Full Version : Noise Reduction

1st March 2002, 00:17

I was wondering if anyone could give me a filter chain for virtualdub to help reduce the noise in the captures that I make. I have a very noisy source, and I would like to correct it during encoding. FYI: When I do my re-encodes I am using DIVX low motion at 652 bitrate and 320x240 resolution with 96 audio 44100 MP3. Thanks.

1st March 2002, 10:43
you don't want to put a noisy source through too many filters espescially at that res or it will end up looking worse.
Try using a filter called TEMPORAL CLEANER.it is very good.

Using the slow motion div3 at that bitrate is a bad idea,picture quality will not be good.try the new Xvid codec.