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28th February 2002, 21:13
Hi all,
Appearnly I have searched this forum real well before posting this message, but none of them seem to answer my question the best. So, I am sorry if this a repeated topic.
Ok, here is the thing...
First of all... I have ripped the subs off the dvd via subrip. Then I have edited the .srt file to my need, (fixed spellings and all the other stuff) now I want to convert it to .sub with a define framerate, so I can use vobsub and GKnot to put the subs in my divx file.
Please help me out on this, I have tried many different softwares... yet none of them best fit my need.
Thank you.

28th February 2002, 21:48
I'm sorry, but vobsub won't accept textual .sub, only its own format. (But this will change soon :))

1st March 2002, 04:14
Well... I was looking for something or some format that I can use it on GKnot when I encode it, or I can convert it to another format that I can encode it with...