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27th February 2002, 16:17
i have a ssa subtitle file that's made for 24 fps, and want to convert it to 25 fps, but how???

and if i frameserve with virtualdub to change the movie's framerate, do i have to use a 25 fps subtitle, or 24 (for the subtitler filter...):confused:

27th February 2002, 19:26
or isn't it possible???:rolleyes:

27th February 2002, 20:52
you can change the framrate in a subfile.ssa in "RadLight Subtitle Studio 2.0".
And you can change the framerate on a .avi with "avifrate".

28th February 2002, 14:45
well i tried that, but then the subtitles are still not right...

i changed the framerate of my movie with avifrate to 25 fps, but the 25fps subtitles and 24 fps subtitles are the same, and subtitle studio sais that the subtitles are 25 fps already..:mad:

what's wrong?? what program gives the exact framerate of a subtitle file??:(

28th February 2002, 15:12
You have to set the framerate on your sub by your self - "subtitle studio" sets the frame to 25 as default.

28th February 2002, 16:06
wait i don't get that... could ou do me a favour? i attached that file (it's a ssa file, but i couldn't attach that...), could you convert it for me (because i think i'm doing something wrong, but i dunno what...) and mail it to me (webmaster@sf-designs.nl):)

4th March 2002, 12:26
hmmm no reply, well then please tell me what i'm doing wrong... i have a srt file made for a movie of 23,9 fps... but if i open it in RadLight Subtitle Studio 2.0 it sais it's already 25 fps, but if i add it to the 25 fps file, it's not sync (and it is with the 23,9 fps avi file...) so what's the problem???


4th March 2002, 13:20
Your're problem is that you take the 25 frames as if "subtitle studio" has "detected" the framerate on you sub - but it's only a default setting in "subtitle studio".
Change the actual FPS to 23.976 and set the output FPS to 25 and hit the convert - thats it.

5th March 2002, 13:03
You could also use subadjust, you can set the endpoint of the subtitle file. Just watch your movie and note the time where the last subtitle should appaer. Fill this in at the change framerate field in subadjust and besure to use last ref. time. This should work.
Regards, Lexi