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27th February 2002, 06:34
i've extracted the subs using subrip
but a bit confused on the format:

00:00:01,868 --> 00:00:03,836
subtitle text here....

my questions:
1. since they are all numbered, if i wanna insert 1 new line, do i have to renumbered all of them again?
2. what is the 868 and 836 in above code means?
3. how to set the x,y position of the sub?


27th February 2002, 17:47
1. i think yes
2. those are the milliseconds
3. you could save the .srt with subtitle coordinates (set outputformat-options); or if you are using vobsub, you could overide the placement in the options and set the placement to your wishes

1st March 2002, 06:56
another question:
how to make a new line?
i tried editing the srt, then convert to ssa using srt2ssa then encode it using vdub and subtitler, but all becomes in 1 line,
the line break isnt recognized...
so, any tips for editing srt or ssa for making subs appear in new line?

2nd March 2002, 21:56
You can for example first convert srt to sub with Subadjust, edit what you want (no line numbers), then convert back to srt ....

Other way is to load edited srt into Subrip - it will renumber by need.

2nd March 2002, 22:35
i got it now, in the vdub before i ignore the \n,
so i just need to adjust it there
substation alpha is pretty good, btw

7th March 2002, 17:04
Yeah. People will slowly realize it, I hope :)

Just be sure to use \N instead of \n, if you want to run it through Subtitler/DVobSub plugin afterwards.