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26th February 2002, 15:11
I've tried creating SVCDs from PAL DV source, using CCE as the encoder, and have always been a bit disappointed with the quality (blocky artifacts on moving water, general artifacts on slow pans, etc.) when playing back on my standalone Pioneer player.

I recently tried ripping part of a PAL DVD, just to see what CCE could make of it, and to my surprise the SVCD that I produced looked superb quality - almost as good as the DVD on my widescreen TV and no trace of artifacts at all.

Can anybody explain why this is? Should there be a difference between DV source and a ripped DVD? If (when :-) I get a DVD writer will I get better results making DVDs from my DV tapes than I currently do making SVCDs?

2nd March 2002, 02:38
It is likelly related to the quality of the DV material. Let face it, most DV cam out there produce poor quality footage compared to film based camera used by Hollywood.

The net effect if that there is a lot of noise in the picture. MPEG2 encoder want to keep this noise and it therefore require bit rate much higher then what SVCD allows. My Sony DV cam footage required 9Mbps for some scene.

I hope this help explain what is going on with the DV to SVCD (or even DVD) trabsfer.

In short, unless you use a high quality camera (like the canon XL1) forget about it.

2nd March 2002, 03:00
Oh well, time to save up for that DVD writer I keep promising myself...

2nd March 2002, 04:01
I have recently had pretty good results with the latest dvd2svcd with my dv footage.

I use 5 pass CCE deinterlaced at about 2700 kbs (128 for audio + 2500ish for video) and it looks pretty good on my pioneer dvd.

I am still saving up for a dvd burner though (and keep all my dv on the original tapes for when I get one)