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26th February 2002, 05:41
I just made my first movie using the Subtitle features in Gordian Knot. I thought I followed the directions properly, but there are subtitles in the credits. I don't care so much about the credits, so it's not a problem, but I still would like to know what happened, in case later I don't want them there.

It's a foreign film, so I hard encoded the subs to the film since I would always want them there. I split the credits from the film and encoded them separately (using the facility included with Gordian Knot).
When the credits start it starts the subtitles from the begining, as though it would have tried to encode the subtitles all the way.

27th February 2002, 05:33
This is not a reply to your question but a question to you instead.
I've ripped and encoded my first movie and split it into two. Also split the subtitles into two files. But unfortunately, i can not see those subtitles when i play the movie (in Media player or The Playa).
Any idea where i went wrong ?

28th February 2002, 17:10
There could be a lot of reasons why your subtitles are not playing. I'm going to assume you're using Gordian Know, since that's what I mentioned in my subject, and that's what I'm most familiar with. So you should have used VobSub to extract the subtitles from the move vobs.

After that you're left with a crossroads, as the guide says, you can hardcode your subtitles or not. If you want to hardcode them you must select your ifo file and check the subtitle box in avisynth before creating your frame servers. This is what I did.

If you did not check the subtitle box all is not lost, as you still have your VobSub file/s and you can play them synchronous with your movie using DirectVobSub (I think this gets installed automatically with VobSub, otherwise I'm pretty sure you can find it on this site's download section).

I hope this helps. Now on to my question...

24th March 2002, 20:29
i'm also getting the subtitles in the credits... GKnot bug i reckon :]

lucky it doesn't matter much really...