View Full Version : Empty codec list in vdub capture mode

26th February 2002, 03:08
How does one capture to Huffyuv using vdub?

When I set vdub into capture mode, the compression codec list only has "Full Uncompressed (RGB)" and "No Recompression".
The same with AVI_IO.. I'm using a Canopus ADVC100 plugged into my Firewire card to capture.


Pojken Purken
27th February 2002, 10:51
Don't know about the Canopus but the DC10+ gives the same result since its codec is hardware based. Nothing to worry about... except you can't capture with Huffyuv on such a board :-(

27th February 2002, 12:00
Yah, I think your right. Since the ADVC100 has the Canopus DV Codec built into hardware, it would just output dv format straight to the pc.