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25th February 2002, 23:27
I have subtitle for PAL system 25fps. I have movie and i can see that is is 23,976. I convert this but it doesnt work! Why? I have never could convert right. I have many movies with 23,976 and subtitle with 25.

Some subtitles is going faster than movie but movie is 23,976 and how this can be possible because now fps of sub is <23,976!!!

Ok it can be that some movie is cutted version but this problem is many movies. I am using some subfix program and tried also anothers.

18th March 2002, 08:14
I suggest you read the guide "Subtitle Synching guide" from this same server. I had the same problems when I started working with subtitle, At the end of my Subtitle day, I had like 20 subtitles for the sanme movie and none was good, some finish first than the movie ithers later.
In this guide you can get the way to calculate manually the frame rate from the subtitles (sometime this are really weirds), you can learn the way to use subajust (the best subtitle program for me after tried almost all).

Good Luck