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nick ctrl
25th February 2002, 21:24
Here is a new version of submux interface.

It includes a console display option and the submux verbose mode.

Any feedback will be welcome !

PS : attachment has to be validated before being available ...

25th February 2002, 23:15
Nice, but i have 1 question.
Can i store a subset as CVD and PHILIPS SVCD on a svcd?
Thus making it compatible for more players.... or can i just use 1 'format' at a time.

25th February 2002, 23:29
I dont install this program because before i had problem with sound sync with movie (after this prog intallation).

nick ctrl
26th February 2002, 00:13

yes you can include both svcd and cvd sub in the same stream. it should make it compatible with a max number of players.
just an info : you should reduce your mpeg stream bitrate of approx. 8 to 10 kbits/sec for each subs stream you add.


i never hab any synch prob, and i'm doing svcd with 2 audio and 2 subs streams. all svcd are between 40 to 65 minutes. I always mux with bbmpeg and mux rate sets to 0 ( auto ... ).


26th February 2002, 00:32
Thanks for the info nick ctrl.

nick ctrl
28th February 2002, 23:27
any feedback from the people who have downloaded the 1.0 or 1.10 ver ?
any bug report ?

is there any need to add a vob2sub support ?

1st March 2002, 10:45
Works fine here..

Btw i have another question: When i add 2 subsets as CVD and SVCD, Does that count as 4 subsets? (because the svcd specs support up to 4)
Or can i just add 4subsets in CVD and SVCD without problems.

1st March 2002, 15:39
The SVCD can only contain 4 traks of subset, no matter what format it's in.
But it's a cool thing though ;-)

poopity poop
7th March 2002, 02:26
um...I muxed things, but what do the other options do and where is my output mpg?

nick ctrl
7th March 2002, 17:51
Your output file is the same as the input one with -subs appended to the name.

when you mux, you have to select either cvd or svcd check box according to what your player can display.

other options are for the display of the sumbux console during the mux process.

poopity poop
7th March 2002, 23:34
sorry I had an old version of the GUi I got the new one and everything worked out fine, thanks. My mistake