View Full Version : How to use subadjust ? is there an equivalent ?

25th February 2002, 14:29
I have some problems with sync. of subtitles i.e. sometimes delay or advance.. so i have to modify the global timing of subtitles.
I tried to test SUBADJUST V1.56 using files (.sub) generated by DVD2SVCD (1.0.5). I choosed the source and target files (for instance fr1_1.sub and ess.sub), the time i want the subtitles begins and click on GO button... An error message occurs... :

"....bmp00:00:39,94........ looks like an incorrect subviewer information. Subadjust will show a summary of all errors at the end..."

It seems it doesn't recognize the kind of these files... where come the problem from ? is there another way (simple way) to do what i want ? (just delay (+ or -) the global time of subtitles) ?

Thanks a lot..