View Full Version : burn subtitles

25th February 2002, 14:18
hello folks, this is the problem for me. I have the subtitles but don't know how to burn it with Nero, if someone could help me please thx

25th February 2002, 14:41
What do you exactly want to with them???
Have permanent subtitles??? Or just have many subtitle files recorded on a cd??


26th February 2002, 09:17
I want to have the subtitles for good on the svcd.I use subrip to extract the subtitles and made bmp files from it, but don't know how to burn or use them to get it on cd. THX

26th February 2002, 14:44
What do you want to do? SVCD? VCD? AVI? ASF?

what kind of BMPs and associated text file do you have?

If you have ripped to philips format with subrip and you want to make a SVCD, you nedd the submux tool that comes with DVD2SVCD. Then you can multiplex manually or with a GUI (there are some posted in this forum).

Then youn need a compatible player to see the subs.