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25th February 2002, 14:09
I'm not sure I'm posting in the right forum... if not, please excuse-me ;-)
I can't extract the subtitles in GKnot ; it doesn't work with any DVD. So I use Subrip and then I insert the subtitles in VDub or Nandub. Then I guess I have to recompress the whole movie.
Is there a way to prevent compressing twice the movie?
Please let me know how you do that ;-)

Take care

25th February 2002, 14:40
Why extracting subtitles do not work?? Could you be more specific??? Give us some more info.
You can always have subtitiles in a separate file and use DirectVobSub or DivxG400 for displaying them in any player.
If you want to have permanent subtitles you can always use VritualDub's Subtitiler filter.


25th February 2002, 15:28
1. When I click on vobsub configure in GKnot, it opens a new window. Then, I click on Open and I select either the ifo file. It asks me where I want to save the result. I should then get the different languages but it stops instead.
Nothing happens even if I wait for hours and hours.
I've installed vobsub but I can"t understand why it doesn't work.

2. Yes, I want to have permanent subtitles. So, I have to recompress the whole movie in full processing mode, once I have applied the filter. This means two compressions (and loss quality I guess).

Thanks for your comments and ideas ;-)

Take care