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25th February 2002, 10:20

I would like to rip a laserdisc movie on my hd in order to burn it on a DVD.

How can I capture the AC-3 stream ? Which sound board do I have to use ? with which software ?

I don't want to get a Dolby Stereo stream, I want to get the original 5.1 stream.

27th February 2002, 15:26
There is No .AC3 audio on lazer disks.

27th February 2002, 15:56
Originally posted by Scuba
There is No .AC3 audio on lazer disks.

Yes, there is. I own several LD's with AC-3 sound. It is somehow modulated on the left analog channel.


27th February 2002, 15:59
Sorry Scuba,this is wrong.. I have many NTSC Laserdiscs with AC3 audio,Pal versions of the same films do not have AC3.

27th February 2002, 22:06
.AC3 (Dolby Digital) or Dolby ProLogic ?

28th February 2002, 16:27
NTSC Laserdisc,Dolby Digital .AC3
PAL Laserdisc,Dobly Prologic or Dolby Surround

1st March 2002, 10:51
laser discs may have ac3 but it is a mute point as you can not rip them directly to your hard drive(at least i don,t think so).i think you have to capture them.

int 21h
8th March 2002, 14:16
You would have to capture each channel seperately, then remux with SoftEncode or something similar.

12th March 2002, 17:42
Very few laser disk players don't decode AC3 audio. They have an jack called a AC3-RF output. To get the AC3 signal you need an RF Demodulator. You need to purchase these seperately. A few older recievers had them built in. The RF-Demodulator has an opitical output to plug into your reciever. If your sound card supports optical in you should be able to capture the signal.

If you have a pre-amp or something you may be able to run the signal through there first to split it into the 6 channels and capture each seperately.

One correction. Many RF-Demodulators also have a coxial output into addition to an optical one.