View Full Version : Ripping subs for dvdsubber. (Subs not appearing correctly).

25th February 2002, 04:44
This being my first post, just want to say hello to everyone on these boards!

I've posted this on a couple of boards since I wasn't sure which board would be considered "relevant".

I'm experimenting with DVD Subber. Basically I'm attempting to add subs to a R2 PAL non-english release of an R0 NTSC title with english subs.

I've used DVDSub to extract the subs into .srt format. From there, I used dvdsubber to convert the subs to .ssa format. Using Sub Station Alpha, I've edited the grammar, etc.

So far so good . . . so I finish building the profile under DVDsubber, and behold, all of the subs appear in the middle of the screen. Editing the default styles, adding margin overrides, deleting all style and margin overrides, nothing seems to cure the condition.

I'm just wondering if anyone's used this path that can give some advice or is there a better application that I could substitute in the process.

Thanks in advance . . .