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24th February 2002, 17:40
I was using morgan , but lately I foud i'm getting some droped
frames above 640x480.
What are yours suggestions?
Which Mjpeg codec is the best?
I know there are tons of them out there , most you can try for free.
I prefer direct show as they work supposedly better on winXP.
Is that true?
So what is THE BEST (considering CPU load,speed, quality and
compatibility with windowsXP)?

24th February 2002, 18:31
The PicVideo Mjpeg codec is the best Mjpeg codec. Whooaa say that a few times real fast! :D

24th February 2002, 18:46
Leadtools MJPEG.

24th February 2002, 19:13
I've notoced in NeVeRLiFt's post that he uses win98.
I'm running XP , I think there is notable difference how
they handle video VFW versus DS .
Can that be a factor afecting performance of the codec ?
I'd like to know which is best under XP as I'm not willing to
roll back to 98.

24th February 2002, 20:19
i think you have to try a few of them to find the best for you.
and dont forget the mainconcept mjpeg codec (of course the best ;) )

25th February 2002, 14:57
I tried Morgan, Mainconcept and PicVideo MJPEG codecs on Win2k ( comes VERY close to WinXP since both are based on NT4 ) and PicVideo was the best. Their Wavelet codec is impressing but too slow for capturing ( unless you have something like Athlon XP 3000+ ;) )

PicVideo was the fastest and nearly had the smallest file size ( I compared all codecs with same quality settings and the quality really was the same in all files ). Only 0,5% difference for 1min 15secs to the smallest file ( can't remember which one it was ).

26th February 2002, 00:11
I have Win2k Pro and WinXP Pro Corporate Edition(no registration or activation). I tested them both and for what I do Win98SE works best. Video Capture and all my games just work and play great(I have alot of games!). My record uptime is around 2 weeks. That was ripping 3 DVD's and doing Video Capture and Editing.... Running my FTP 24/7 and browsing the web and using Mirc. Playing games blah blah etc. I build and repair computer for a living and know how to setup a computer and how to tweak Win98SE. Just my $.02

26th February 2002, 11:46
Hehe my old tweaked Win98 machine ran smoothly, too. But e.g. the Task Manager in NT4-based Win-OSes is much better. Because of all those little things that are different in NT4 I prefer it over 9x/ME.

26th February 2002, 16:08
Ya you gotta know what your doing if you wanna go over 5 days without rebooting in Win98SE. Otherwise the System Resources can bomb out LOL
then your forced to reboot unless you close everything and flush it using a old trick ;)

1st March 2002, 20:44
then your forced to reboot unless you close everything and flush it using a old trick Ohkay. What old trick was that? I could sure use one.

1st March 2002, 22:13
Originally posted by clarkmo
Ohkay. What old trick was that? I could sure use one.

We all know if you run win98se for over 2 days and your not careful your system resources can bottom out to less than 10% easy!

To fix this and keep from rebooting.... just close everything and have nothing in your background. Then hit Ctrl+Alt+Del then end task Explorer then wait for the window to pop up and tell it yes. Then check your resources ;) you will see there backup to over 80%.

I also use certain programs.... Hare, Xsetup and Cacheman and a few other tweaks.


2nd March 2002, 11:33
I had lots of tweak tools on my system. Like TweakAll, the good old TweakUI and many more. I used TweakAll to clear my system memory from time to time ;)

20th January 2003, 23:28
In my tests I have found that the morgan mjpeg codec is the best overall of leadtools, picvideo, and morgan.

At 4:2:2, float, forced quality 98, morgan gives near-lossless quality at a 3.5:1 compression ratio.

I did a cap comparison using morgan and huffy capping the same 90 minute movie (Austin powers move 1 DVD full screen) using virtualdub in yuy2 mode with Radeon AIW at 352x480 size (Half D1).

Huffy total video filesize = 21.14 GB (2.4: 1 compression ratio)
Morgan total video filesize = 14.52 GB (3.5: 1 compression ratio)

This means that you can get almost 4 hours of capping time on a 40 gig hard drive.

Plus the advantage that you get with morgan is that if you cap in yuy2 mode you do not have to add ConverToYUY2() in your .avs script to use decomb 4.05 for ivtc... with leadtools this had to be added even though I used yuy2 cap format in virtualdub.

So the moral of the story is if you cannot use huffy for whatever reason (too little hardrive space, etc.) morgan forced 98 is a very good substitute.

21st January 2003, 05:37
I still use Huffyuv and PicVideo's Mjpeg for my loseless codec's.

Wow talking old posts here... I thought all my posts where deleted :D

21st January 2003, 07:59
picvideo is fast+furious!
i have some old version and not only it can play and capture at full
pal,but it does it with style (on cel600)!
ie. quality setting of "18" works very decent indeed.....

leadtools is lousy suggestion as i think it works only in RGB color space
( at least version i had did...)

"pegasus imaging" says that picvideo is the fastest mjpeg codec
after testing 3-4 mjpeg's i believe them.....

21st January 2003, 11:19
So what is THE BEST (considering CPU load,speed, quality and
compatibility with windowsXP)?

So, people, we should answer all these questions.

First, and most important, MJPEG codecs very often change their quality from release to release so saying "Y is the best (has the best quality etc.)" will be sooner or later wrong.

Second, as rad123 and many others, probably noticed is that the old answers are obsolete now, in many ways.

Best in my experience (few months ago I've, again, had them all):

CPU load: Picvideo
Speed: Picvideo
Quality: Morgan
Compatibility with Win XP: #(%&=($?# Not directly compatibility, but I can tell some stories about one codec playing back files from other MJPEG codecs, getting a crappy picture because of that, playback filters who must be deleted from the registry etc.

If I were you I wouldn't waste my time with testing MJPEG codecs, rather optimize my system (if not, already) and use Huffyuv.

But, if you still insist on MJPEG, here is my conclusion.
If you have a fast PC (my TB 800 cannot cope with it, so maybe min 1 GHz) use the Morgan codec, if you have a slow one use Picvideo (everything below 1 GHz) and if you're in the middle use the Leadtools codec (was only an option when Morgan had lower quality than Picvideo, now just use Morgan if you want to squeeze the max from MJPEG) :D .

Remember, use the force, er, I mean this answer is, maybe, already obsolete, so if you don't see any difference, and especially if you don't use filters just use what MJPEG codec you already have.

But, with todays HDs and equipment, use Huffyuv (or DV if you have the ADVC 100, seems to become a forum favorite ;) )...



P.s.: Anyone counted the "if you's"?

2nd February 2003, 17:57
mainconcept mjpeg are good to and EXTREME FAST (more than picvideo in my tests)