View Full Version : avi2mpeg: how to bring my avi into internet

23rd February 2002, 22:32

sorry, I dont know wether my question is placed right.

I have a digicam - capturing my video on my harddisk I get
an avi file (4mbit/sec).

I want to bring thios video into my homepage - so I want to resize it to get some smaller files.

Looking for a tool I found avi2mpeg -but they want to have an audio format of 44.1 kHz instead of 48kHz (of my avi).

Can you recommend a tool converting my avi to a small one - any hints welcome - I would be happy I have some sequences of my daughter.

Kind rewgards

27th February 2002, 17:01
on what format type you want

for internet you may want to use real files
or microsofts meta type...

microsofts encoder is available for free: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/wm7/encoder.asp

in case it canīt read the audio, try doing a stream copy with virtual dub while full processing the audio

on the other hand you may publish downloadable mpegs
which can be done with CCE or TMGEnc