View Full Version : MaskedMix and .ssa subtitling in HUV

23rd February 2002, 20:32
I've been trying to perma-sub my DVD source from a Sub Station Alpha file without converting it to RGB and need a little scripting help with the mpeg2dec MaskedMix function or some other way to mask them in. I'm not particularly after speed here but rather trying to save the source colors from that nasty double conversion:

mpeg2source("C:\My Documents\excel\excel23.d2v")

#gives subs on a white background
subs = Blackness(last).Levels(0,1,255,255,255).ConvertToRGB().VD_Subtitler("C:\download\subrip\excel_23.ssa").ConvertToYUY2()

#quick levels hack, colored subs->blackish
mask = subs.Levels(0,0.001,255,0,255).Levels(0,0.001,255,0,255).Levels(0,0.001,255,0,255)

#return last, subs, or mask here to check inputs
***End of File***

None of the subs show, however. Reversing subs and last shows only the subs. I actually tried making mask using a black font ssa file for a clear cut black/white mask and same results. Can anyone shed some light on this, please?