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22nd February 2002, 10:07
OK I'm trying to use CCE instead of ReMPEG to make my vob's smaller using a combination of forum posts and the www.robshot.com (http://www.robshot.com) guide.
Problem is I already have a problem from the start.
Here's what I do:
- I load the Vob files of the movie into dvd2avi
- Set the options to dolby digital etc
- I save the project as .d2v file
- Then it takes about 2 minutes to finish

Now here comes my problem:
The outcome is 2 files.
The 1st is Project_1 AC3 T01 3_2ch 448Kbps DELAY 0ms.ac3 Filesize 447.180KB (wich looks normal to me)
And the 2nd file is Project_1.d2v wich is only 581KB?????

Isn't that a bit to small?
I'm using WinXP Pro (no NTFS) and v1.76 of DVD2AVI

Any help would be much appreciated.

22nd February 2002, 15:24
don't worry...that's fine.
the .d2v is just a "pointer" file that points back to the vob files.
the d2v doesn't contain the video.
that file size is fine.