View Full Version : Mp2 video stream encoding

22nd February 2002, 07:43
Hi, i have a question (maybe little stupid :) ).
Which application can be used to encode captured mp2 video stream into DivX stream? I'm capturing my videos with Ati All In Wonder Radeon and Multimedia Center 7.2 and I whis to convert this mpeg video to divx. Can somebody help me find application for that ?

22nd February 2002, 08:18
DVD2AVI and GordianKnot will give you the best results. Read some of Doom9's guides (http://www.doom9.org/) on DVD conversion to DivX. You don't have to bother about the ripping parts, and whenever it says vob you use your MP2 file.

22nd February 2002, 08:26
Thx Hakko a lot ... :)
Of course, I used to read Doom9 site sometimes. But I didn't think that I can use Gordian or DVD2Avi for that. Thanks again for your information.

22nd February 2002, 10:09
One more thing, DVD2AVI will NOT convert the audio to .wav format for use in GKnot. It will only demux it to a separate file that you can convert with BeSweet or WinAmp.