View Full Version : Extracting partial, forced subtitles [similar to "Lawrence of Arabia" post]

21st February 2002, 15:18
Some DVDs contain "forced" subtitles at certain points in the film. This is often when the spoken language in the film changes or when there is narrative text on screen.

How do I extract these subtitles? There is not a separate set of subtitles in the .vob files. It appears DVD players know when to switch the subtitles on/off. Are there any subtitle ripping tools that can identifiy these lines?

The only workaround I have is to extract all the Enlgish subtitles and manually cut it down to just those lines shown by a traditional DVD player.

Some examples:
See the "Lawrence of Arabia" post on this forum.
Thomas Crown Affair (99) - there's a scene where the robbers speak in a foreign language (Romanian? I foget) and the English subtitles come on for those few lines.
GoldenEye - some comments appear on screen along the lines of "Secret Russian Base" and "Nine years later".

23rd February 2002, 17:05
Most "forced" subtitles are encoded directly in the video. There's no way to turn them on or off. If you rip a DVD the standard way without using VobSub or anything, and you get subtitles in some parts, it's permanent.

23rd February 2002, 17:30
if you're ripping subtitles with subrip or subripper, try checking out the other language streams, even the unlabelled ones. and if you're using smartripper to get your vobs onto your HDD, make sure to rip all subtitle tracks (including ?? other).

when i was ripping the godfather the bit when they were in italy was in italian (duh) and that was the subtitles i wanted. this method worked for me, and might work for you too, unless they are permanantly burned in. do they disappear if you disable them in a software/hardware player? if they do, then you could quite easily rip some other language stream.

good luck


27th February 2002, 01:30
I'm having a similar problem with the manga movie Blood : The Last Vampire.

I have ripped the movie to DivX using the Doom9 guide. And when i played back the movie, all was well, except for when the characters speak in Japanese at various points in the movie. Subtitles should appear, but they don't.

I have ripped the subtitles seperately, but am thinking if i add them to the *.avi file now, they will be displayed for the whole film. :(

How do i get the subtitles to appear at just the points in the movie that the should appear please?

Thanks for any help, it's driving me insane trying to figure this out!

27th February 2002, 02:59
blood? i think i did that one a while back. try using subrip on the other subtitle streams 0x21 or 0x22 or something. it might work, but if it doesn't then you're going to have to edit the sub file manually, which would be a royal pain.


27th February 2002, 03:01
Thanks for the info. Will post back what happened. :)

19th June 2002, 21:54
Any luck with just doing the forced subs onto a rip?