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21st February 2002, 14:52
HI everyone,

Yes Iwould like to add sub to my svcd.....

I download the sub in .txt and it is working well with microDVD.

Now I want to add this sub to my svcd that encoded from my divx..

I try Virtualdub but my sub not in time with the picture...

I try I-author MPEG II mux but the soft crash when I mux video .mpv+audio.mpa+sub.txt...

When I mux mpv+mpa only is working so I think my sub.txt doesn't have the right format...

Does anyone know which format I have to use as sub with I-Author..

And How to convert my sub.txt to !!!!!!

Thank you foy your help / The good thing with I-author is that the sub is not definitly add in the picture...Can put or not...

See U swallow / Sorry for my poor english / hope U understand what I want to explain.....

22nd February 2002, 08:51
Convert your subs to .SSA (Subtitle Adjuster), then run Maestro SBT (Doom9) and save as I-Author type subs, then mux in I-Author...

22nd February 2002, 16:59
and read the posting from Pko.
There you'll get the answer.

11th March 2002, 15:22
plese senme link where i can download I-Autor :))
me mail is: neo26@mail.bg

11th March 2002, 16:43
The packet includes submux.exe.

Ripp the subtitles with Subrip 097b to Philips format.
Then mux .mpg and subtitles with submux to new .mpg.
Use TSCV to create the cue/bin files and burn with cdrao.
(All in the packet)
No need for i-Author.


11th March 2002, 16:54
Franck thank a lot...

I still have a prb.... I download the subtitle from the net in .txt

To use submux, I have to separte the sound and the video.....

Can in a put an mpeg file with sound and video......

I try to mux with submux and to put my mpeg video with sound + sub.txt and the submux prog got an error and shut down the application...It 's always happen....

What can I do ?

TKS swallow

11th March 2002, 17:42
thanks to Frank bu i want to have a program I-Autor :))
please swallow tell me where i can find it :))

11th March 2002, 19:11
put a valid email Neo....!!!!!!!!!!!!

and if I am ...........You will see...........something.........in....your ..........box.........may be.....

12th March 2002, 15:23
Hi Swallow! Can You also give me a link to I-author, please

Rgds/ thore

12th March 2002, 16:25
Hi swallow This mail is valid this is bulgarian mail server
www.mail.bg :)) i hava a ither mail in yahoo
have a nice day :))