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21st February 2002, 02:31
Hi all,
I'm in the process of converting a bunch of old films from my Dad's house that are standard 8mm Kodak stuff (not Super8). To capture them, we are projecting the image on a piece of white paper (2X3ft)at about 6 feet with a Digital8 Sony TRV530 standing next to the old 8mm projector (Argus Showmaster Model 458 - a classic from the 50's).

Q1). If anyone has suggestions on hom to best capture the image by reflection, I'd appreciate some hints.

Q2). The pictures transfer very clearly, but I'm getting an annoying strobing effect which after some quick research was clearly being caused by the 24fps old 8mm format vs. the 29.93 NTSC frame rate. I would like to eliminate this strobing or "pulsing white light" effect somehow.

In order of least pain to most:
Option 1). Find a method to do something in the post-processing, either converting during the PC capture, or correcting it through video editing software.

Option 2). I saw that CNET just posted a program called 8MM2AVI, which shows a guy standing over a photocopier - which scares the heck out of me right away. I don't know if anyone has used this program or something like it, but feedback would be appreciated.

Option 3). Change the speed or settings on the projector, the Digital8, or a combination of the two.

Option 4). Take it to a telecine production facility and fork over $250 an hour for priceless family memories (believe me, they really DO have an upper price limit).

Option 5). Stall, hope everyone forgets about converting the old tapes and hope I'm the last one still standing so I can appreciate the humour of the scenario.

Anyway, long ramble, but you get the picture (so to speak).

Thanks in advance for any advice! :cool:


21st February 2002, 06:46
You should try VirtualDub with the deflicker filter.

Here are some links:

http://ixbt.stack.net/digimage/c8.html (russian)

http://home.t-online.de/home/andreas.hennek/super8.htm (german)

Try some online translator...


21st February 2002, 13:13
I was looking for a reason to call up my Eastern European friends anyway. This will be a good reason! :D


21st February 2002, 13:54
I did what you suggested. I think the German link was excellent. That guy really knew what he was doing, and had some great post production tips.

Thanks again!


22nd February 2002, 06:13
You're welcome. You live in Dallas, don't you? Greetings to J.R. Ewing, if you meet him... :D


22nd February 2002, 13:08
JR's Dead. I think Bobbie killed him, but nobody's completely sure.:confused:

24th February 2002, 15:00
Murder in Texas?

Well, if they find the person, he can kiss his ass goodbye.