View Full Version : can't capture over 320x240 ATI A.I.W. HELP PLEASE!

20th February 2002, 04:48
My first post!
Ok I have had my ATI A.I.W. Radeon since they hit the streets. I had great captures and all encoding looked supurb. Until now. I reinstalled Win2k on my machine with all the drivers W2K, SP2, DirectX8.1 everything like before. The only problem is that now Iam stuck capturing at a max resolution of 320 by 240. I used to be able to capture 720 by 480 using Huffy. No changes to my machine what so ever. Which is dual P3s a Gig of ram, a Maxtor main drive 2 60 gig HDDs in RAID for my capture drive.
Anyone ever get stuck at a max resolution of 320 by 240? It sucks.
Advice welcome and I will try anything.
Thanks in advance!

20th February 2002, 07:25
I have a similar system (Dual P3-700 256MB PC133) and I can capture up to MPEG2 480x480 with 100% motion estimation (or 720x480 with 0% motion).
Did you install the latest Via 4in1 drivers ?

20th February 2002, 08:10
I can capture Mpeg2 and Mpeg1 at 720 by 480, thats no problem. Hell the audio is even in synch. Yea I have the latest Via 4in1s ,all the good stuff. But it's my AVI captures that I can't capture over 320 by 240. I worked before at upto 720 by 480, only now I have 320 by 240. I tried Vdub and it too now only captures at a max of 352 by 288. When Vdub used to give me a HUGE picture is I wanted. I think I need to reinstall Win2k. Suckage.
Thanks for the reply though. Like I said, I will try anything..

22nd February 2002, 01:30
Reinstalling the O/S for win2K is not going to fix anything, but rather it is the video driver that is prohibiting you from capturing at full resolution with AVI. ATI's driver for win2K does not support VFW capture codec.

Since you have success in capturing AVI at 720x480 with win2K, I am assuming that you are using a wdmtovfw wrapper in Vdub, and now you reinstalled win2K and you end up stuck with 320x240. Well, I would suggest to completely uninstall and clean your system of all the ATI software including registry, and reinstall ATI s/w from scratch.