View Full Version : Cutting Avi w/subtitles

19th February 2002, 12:02
Well, I'm done coding, have my avi and my subtitles, watch them, happy, happy, everything works.

Now, I want to cut the 1,4 MB Avi to 2 CDs and what happens?
You guess right, on the 2nd CD Subtitles start from position 0:00:00.

I cut with VirtualDub and save as AVI again.

Does anyone have a hint for an EASY way (that is, without try and error for the time values of the subtitles for the 2nd CD) how to properly show subtitles for the whole movie?

Somebody gave me a 2CD rip once and at the end of the 1st CD Mediaplayer (it was not a pic) asked me to insert CD #2. How was that movie cut? Any ideas? That might be a solution to the problem.

So, any hints on cutting and/or subtitles are greatly appreciated!

19th February 2002, 12:17
Subrsync(or whatever it is called) that comes with vobsubs helps you do this quite easily.

20th February 2002, 18:42
Thank you for your comment... although it doesn't tell me much...:rolleyes:
Could you maybe be a bit more specific in what I have to do without using try and error.
As far as I have used subresync, it helps me to edit timestamps for a complete movie. For "half a movie" I would have to enter negative values in the 2nd CD... or am I thinking wrong?