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29th June 2002, 12:40
I'm a TUGA :) lol

Why encoded jobs with cce don't work well in PS2. After remuxing with scenarist and playing the dvd-r in the PS2 it gives me a lot of freeze frames (pauses, jumpy frames).
First I thought it was because of the media, but copying a original <4,3 gb movie to this media, they work well in the PS2.
So it got to be something about CCE. The movies that I'm encoding are Pal R2. I have to say that they work well in my standalone sony ns700v.

30th June 2002, 09:44
Originally posted by Pedro Gouveia

Edit PGC1 and lower the number of cells to the number of chapters u want in it (in this case 1).

How do you do this step? Do you do that in Maestro?


30th June 2002, 13:46
I follow dooms guide "getting the best out of cce" and then I use scenarist.

Do I have to use min bitrate of 1000 ou 2000 ? Is it the GOP 3/4 ? Is it some option in the video settings that I shoudn't use or use ?

I'm also trying to find someone who had the same experience. Perhaps it maybe the media ? But the work well in method I described above ? I really don't understand. With Rempeg and TMPG, the movies work well in PS2 with this media (lead data).

30th June 2002, 14:53
1. I don't think the minimum bitrate matters, unless it is a Scenarist requirement I don't know about. I usually set it to 0.
2. The GOP is correct (3/4) and SEQ header every 1 GOP
3. Don't set GOP to 3/5 (it works however with SpruceUp)
4. Click the DVD Compliant checkbox unless you're going 352x480.

The PS2 problem could be the media, the firmware/software, or a combination of both. You're not the only person who has mentioned problems playing DVD-Rs on the PS2, there must be something peculiar about it. I don't have one, so I really can't say.

30th June 2002, 17:05
Checking DVD compliant box, will make the max bitrate of 9800 and if I want to add 2 our more audio streams, the scenarist will give an error. So I uncheck the dvd compliant box and I'm always able to chose witch max bitrate I want.

30th June 2002, 22:03

Attached [when ok'd by the moderator] is yet another version of IFOUpdate (V0.44). This one:

1. Adds a "Correct VTS Sectors" button. This saves you the trouble of having to do "Get VTS Sectors" through IFOEdit after your update. I've also added an option menu choice to do this automatically when you do an update. When you set this option it is "remembered" in the .INI file.

2. Added a couple of boundary checks on table copies to make sure the program never accidentally overwrites.

3. Added a "Dump VTS_TMAPTI" option. This very simply puts a zero in the sector pointer so there appears to be no table (it doesn't actually delete it, though).

4. Moved the "Cell Only Mode" checkbox into the options menu.

Try it a couple times and back up your IFO and BUP files before you throw the old version away. I did some testing, but nothing extensive.

I started this software to simply save the trouble of manually updating the parameters presented in the "Joseph2 IFOEdit/CCE" method of backing up a DVD. My initial goal was to limit changes to the original IFO so it would remain fairly close to its beginning state. I'm running into limits by trying to stay within those bounds, though.

In my next version of IFOUpdate I plan to change that -- I am going to use the two (Original and Newly Authored) IFO files as sources for data, and create a completely new IFO file as output. That way I can create pointers, etc. to match my desired output and I won't have to keep looking for ways to "trick" the system (like leaving unreferenced sectors in the IFO).

My hat is off to the real experts, Derrow and mpucoder, who have done so much research and provided the great information on their websites. I'd be clueless without it (of course it could be argued that I'm clueless anyhow).


30th June 2002, 22:12
Awesome work, Jdobbs!! Thanks for your time! I've approved the attachment so it should be available for download now.

7th July 2002, 03:17
Man, this method is able to be so easily done now that all these new programs have been made, especially jdobbs program. Although, the one step that i dread, as im sure most others do, is entering the chapter points in Scenarist. Especially considering the fact that they are off in drop frame. Eyes knows what i mean :) So who is going to make an easy program to fix this :D


For those of you who don't know, im the first one to respond to this post... "Uhhhhh what do u edit the ifo files with?" DUH! :)

9th July 2002, 02:49

Attached is a new version of IFOUpdate, I haven't changed the way I do it yet as promised, but thought I'd get this out since I found a bug. Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see incorporated into the software. My goal is to make this method the easiest possible.

Here are the changes in this version:

- Discovered a silly "type mismatch" error - fixed it

- Added additional sector checks to the "Correct VTS Sectors" to make it closer match "Get VTS Sectors." I noticed that even though it shouldn't happen, the values of VMGM_VOBS, VTSM_VOBS, and VTSTT_VOBS sometimes would be incorrect after a copy from the DVD (e.g. "All the Pretty Horses"). At any rate they get corrected now.

The attachment should show as soon as it's approved.

10th July 2002, 18:58
Man, I used malzahn's script method once with perfect results. Now, with a different dvd, I've tried it 3 times and everytime Scenarist crashes in the first third of the compiling. I wish this program was more stable! Guess I have to input all the cells by hand :*(

(just venting.. needed to let it out)

11th July 2002, 03:25
Eyes Only,

I personally switched to using ReelDVD to do the multiple PGC titles. I break them out separately in SmartRipper, use CCE, and then just drag-and-drop them into ReelDVD. If you link them (NXT) they will be a single VTS with multiple PGCs. Then I can cut and paste the chapter points (DVDMaestro formatted) from ChapterXtractor into ReelDVD... it takes five minutes tops. It is really, really easy. I ignore the cell formatting as IFOUpdate doesn't care...


14th July 2002, 00:26
this is a basic question to everyone....i just did the movie Amilea (ntsc)...3 sub streams in it...when i tested the image (ifoedit image) with daemon tools all 3 sub streams show up fine...so i burned the image, and tried it in my dvd player (toshiba)..subs do not appear, even when i select em in the menu...yet the subs apear when the dvdr is played in all pc dvd-rom's/dvd burners...what could possibly be wrong ?


i am posting in this thread cause obviously i used the cce/scenarist method...also i use jdobbs ifoupdate .45 so maybe that had something to do with it ;)

14th July 2002, 12:29
Can anybody explain to me, why does subrip rips subtitles from original vob files with the incorrect time stamps?

I mean right at the beginning of the movie sound is perfectly in sync, as the movie goes along syncing goes in and out, sound is too fast or too slow. How come the time stamps are incorrect, and how can I fix that?

Thank you.

14th July 2002, 21:15
that is not a subrip problem.. it's a pulldown problem.. you didn't properly set pulldown flags for all your sources (including the subs)

15th July 2002, 03:01
Originally posted by Doom9
that is not a subrip problem.. it's a pulldown problem.. you didn't properly set pulldown flags for all your sources (including the subs)

Could you elaborate on that? I am using subrip/subadjust/maestrosbt to import into scenarist... The time stamps that subrip gives are off by a few milliseconds... So by the end of the movie it is a lot. So again, my question is why does subrip rips with incorrect timestamp from the original dvd vob's (they are 29.76 frames per sec NTSC title).

16th July 2002, 22:55
well.. if people like me and many others have no problems with subs using subrip then isn't it likely that you did something wrong rather than the program? I had asynch subs in the beginning too... but with some pulldown (read the pulldown manual) and scenarist import options (setting the dropdown flag for every asset you import) it can be done

on another note.. @ jdobbs: I get a "the original IFO's PGC area is not large enough to hold the new PGC" error using ifoupdate. attached you'll find the old and reauthored ifo. an additional note.. I used scenchap for the chapters so ifoupdate complains about the new ifo having more chapters than the old one.. could that be the source of my problems?

17th July 2002, 00:56

Yes that's the problem. You can have fewer chapters (programs) but not more with IFOUpdate. The program uses the space that was previously allocated in the original file for the updates. If I changed the size of the PGC area it would ripple through the IFO file and I'd have to change all the byte and local sector offsets.

When I finally get around to writing the version that recreates the file (rather than modifying the original) this shouldn't be a problem anymore.


Clarification: What I actually do is check the size of the original and new PGC areas -- it just happens that most of the time the size gets too large when you add an additional chapter.

18th July 2002, 03:45

Attached is a new version of IFOUpdate (v0.46). As per a request from TRILIGHT I've added an option in which the audio and subtitle tables can be copied from the newly authored to the original file.

I've also fixed a bug that occurs when you run into an IFO that has the sector value "0" for VTSM_VOBS.


18th July 2002, 03:55
BTW. I set the audio/subs copy option to "off" by default until it has been tested thoroughly by everyone. I didn't put a lot of thought into the implications of copying (e.g. if your IFO somewhere references a stream ID that no longer exists in the tables after the copy). I think it should be fine, though.

If you think it might be useful to make it default to "on" just let me know and I'll change it.


28th July 2002, 19:50
if i leave audio/subs copy option to "off", i get a movie without sound.
just to let you know...

another question : i use spruceup to reauthor my cce encoding video stream. but the chapter point setting part is quite boring :i'm working on star wars episode 1 and there is 47 chapters :(

could not it be possible to modify the sup file directly?
i did not manage to find the chapter's timecode yet but if so it would be way quicker to create chapters and timecode by writing it from a chapterextractor file.

keep the good work,

28th July 2002, 20:43
If you get a movie without sound that means that the default stream ID is not the same as what you set in the newly authored file. If you're using SpruceUp that is 0x80. This often happens when the original file had a default DTS stream.

At any rate, I'll recompile and make the audio/sub copy the default, I think its been around long enough to assume its safe.

I would say it is definitely possible to modify the SUP file directly, but I personally don't have a clue as to the file format.

29th July 2002, 10:35
Well I thought u should hear this also,

There is another way to import multiple clips to cce for encoding with correct settings.

U will find attached a jpg, as soon as they are moderated the will show the procedure.

The 3d menu at CCE is Template. The default one is Standard. It contains all the settings that u are changing each time u insert a new clip to encode. Just click on it and it will open the settings window where u can change anything to your hearts desire.

In pic02 u can see how I changed the video set up to the one I want. Of course u can have multiple templates for 16:9, 4:3 etc formats.

After you set up GOP and Quality Settings as well you give a name to the template in field Title and click can "Add", or u can leave the name the template allready has and click replace.

Before importing a clip switch to the desired template et voila.

30th July 2002, 06:37
Thanks. I think most of us in this thread have been using templates for quite a while now, but if there's any that somehow never figured this out, this will help them. I personally have about 8 templates created for movies that are progressive&zigzag,progress&nozigzag,interlaced&4:3, etc.

The whole template thing is explained in Chapter 4 (Titled: "Template Settings") in the CCE guide, which anyone that is wanting to really 'know' CCE should have read multiple times by now.

Incidentally there's a few things wrong with your example that I'd like to correct so others don't try to mirror it and get errors.

1) Uncheck DVD Compliant, or if you try to do a full DVD with DTS and several audio tracks, you may run into the infamous bitrate error. Even though you have selected a max bitrate of 9000, checking DVD Compliant overrides this and sets it back to 9800. I have no idea why, I guess it's for n00bs. :P

2) Check Drop Frame, otherwise subs will be out of sync if you are using an NTSC DVD.

3) I get better color results with luminance at 0 to 255. Just a personal preference, I guess.



30th July 2002, 07:41
Thank's Eyes' Only, allthough I havent met the bitrate error yet your remarks are welcomed and appreciated.

30th July 2002, 22:11
When you say check "Drop Frame," do you mean in CCE? If so, do you also check drop frame in Scenarist afterwards?


31st July 2002, 03:29
Another question about IfoUpdate.....

The original Ifo file has chapters but also it has cells, those have their addresses also. Why doesn't ifo update count them? Should we just skip them in scenarist? Because original ifo has timestamps for them also...

31st July 2002, 08:20

1) Yes, you are correct. When using NTSC, select drop frame everywhere you can, in every program you use in order for correct syncing. Check the box in CCE, and select it on each dropdown box for video and audio file in Scenarist.

2) With ifoupdate, it is not neccessary to put multiple cells per chapter, as you have seen in many original ifos. Jdobbs has tested this, and I too have done many dvds without putting in the extra cells and have not seen any loss of functionality.

31st July 2002, 23:04
For those (like me) who are starting to get annoyed at having to check the option for "Copy Audio and Subpicture Tables" every time you run the program - here is an updated version of IFOUpdate (it will show when it is approved).


1st August 2002, 04:31
Sorry, this might be a stupid question, but...

"Copy Audio and Subpicture Tables" what exactly does that do? File produced by scenarist doesn't adhere to the timestamps in the original ifo?


1st August 2002, 13:46
When you reauthor the title, you may not necessarily keep all the audio and subtitle tracks. So the resulting IFO will contain information that is consistent with your new configuration. The old (original) IFO however, still identifies all the audio and subtitle tracks.

This function copies the tables (in the IFO Header and for each PGC) that identify the stream types and stream identifiers from the newly authored IFO to the original. That will sometimes prevent the situation where you go into the menu, select (for example) a Burmese audio track, and get no sound as the output -- instead it will simply ignore the change.

On the other hand, the goal is to modify the original IFO as little as possible so you don't unexpectedly affect the DVD flow in some way. So far I haven't gotten any negative feedback associated with this option, so I've defaulted it to "on."

1st August 2002, 14:58
I've had no problems with it. It works rather well. The only thing I've run into a problem with is when, say you want to keep the first and the third audio stream. Unfortunately, you have to play around with the stream numbers to make sure it is accessed properly in the menu selection. This isn't a fault of IFOupdate though. You'd have to do it manually anyway. I haven't looked into it closely but perhaps there is a way to have an "advanced" section or something that would ask you which streams you kept and in what order they were on your new IFO. Then it could copy that info to the appropriate place. Not too big of a deal though. Just an idea. I'm just fine doing it manually. Thanks for the great work, Jdobbs!!

2nd August 2002, 01:07
The movie I am encoding is Pulp fiction...

I've read a lot from the guides and the other posts on the net...

Now the proble I have is this, everything works well, sound, subtitles etc. But the picture is shaky. When I check the movie the DCT type: setting is "Field", but the Frame type: is frame. I have tried both settings - frame and interlaced, but the picture is still shaky (it's still of a good quality, but shaky). Anybody got any clue of what settings should I use with CCE? Or what could be the problem? (I am using scenarist)

2nd August 2002, 21:24
You see shaky picture while playbacking in a settop or in the PC ? What bitrate did you use ? Are you refering to movie or extras ?

3rd August 2002, 03:32
I had to use

pulldown.exe source.m2v target.m2v -nopulldown -tff even

on my video file, apparently it was originally progressive, and then pulldown was used on it, that is why it said that DTC:Field, while frame type: progressive.

I actually found this in the post about svcd conversion. Anyhow, thanks...

P.S. Shaky picture appears only on stand-alone player, it is on the movie itself (Pulp Fiction has no extras) and it happens everytime someone moves.

12th August 2002, 18:32
I've seen a lot of info on correct chapter settings in this thread.

Question: Has anybody been able to actually set chapters to adhere to the original chapter times without tweaking anything?

I've used ChapterXtractor, CCE, Scenarist, and ScenChap method, but still cannot get the correct chapters set. It seems that even chapter extractor is giving incorrect time (I've looked at the time codes in the original .ifo files with IfoEdit)..

Another question: How do you check your chapter points through the GUI of the CCE-SP 2.50?


13th August 2002, 07:10
From Page 7:
I've found a solution to this issue. Here's an example of what I do. Say the chapter is at (00:10:10:15). Set that scene in Scenarist. Double click on the scene that was just created. You will notice the top left timebox changes to a time that is slightly less than the time you set. In this example, that time is now (00:10:05.05). Now subtract this timebox from the time you original entered. ex. (00:10:10.15)-(00:10:05.05) = (00:00:05.10). Add this result to the time in the scene you set (00:10:10.15)+(00:00:05.10)=(00:10:15.25). Now change the scene you set to that result. ex. Change (00:10:10.15) to (00:10:15.25). The scene should now be exactly where the chapter on the original movie is. I've verified this by opening the movie in PowerDVD, playing it, pausing it, then using the 'next chapter' button and looking at the starting image for each chapter, and they match exactly using my method. Not sure if it works for PAL users, or if you even have this problem, but for NTSC it seems to correct the issue!

As you can see on page 7 of this thread, the incorrectness of Scenarist was discovered and dealt with. I show the formula for correction in the middle of that page, and later down the page you'll find a program that Jarret and I created that tells you the exact timecodes to use instead of the ones from the .ifo. It's not a pretty method, but it works for those certain DVDs where incorrect chapter settings just won't do.

I believe the method never caught on because of the awkwardness of the system, and the fact that for most DVDs, having chapters offsync isn't too terribly hard to live with. Two exceptions I've found to the rule are Final Fantasy and Memento, both of which perform terribly when the chapters aren't perfect.

If anyone could devise a program that could take the original ifo, and a Scenarist script, and regenerate a new Scenarist script based on the correct values, chaptering in Scenarist could be almost an exact science!

15th August 2002, 14:58
If anyone could devise a program that could take the original ifo, and a Scenarist script, and regenerate a new Scenarist script based on the correct values, chaptering in Scenarist could be almost an exact science!This is my current goal in life...Well, almost. ScenChap should do this already, as long as you use the Copy From IFO button or -- even better -- the Copy From D2F+IFO button.

Personally, I no longer use IFO time codes, since I've found them to be way off for some titles. The D2F file is more reliable, since it reflects the actual vob/cell boundaries, down to the actual GOP I-frame, that DVD2AVI is going to emit.

If ScenChap, using the D2F+IFO method, is not creating exact chapter points, I will try to fix it. So far I'm hearing little in the way of bug reports, which either means everyone is having good results with this, or, more likely, that no one is using this method, since it's not in the guide.

15th August 2002, 15:02
BTW, if you do want to use IFO time codes, then ScenChap should do them properly.

I think that what Eyes`Only's method boils down to is a change from non-drop time codes (which is what IFO files seem to contain) to drop-frame time codes (which is what NTSC Scenarist projects use, or should be using).

ScenChap does this conversion automatically, and it uses the original raw data in the IFO file itself (no cut & paste).

But, as I keep saying, time codes (frame numbers actually) from a D2F file are even better.

16th August 2002, 02:51
I will try this, but unfortunately i use an older version of dvd2avi (CLI support) and as far as I know the newer versions don't have this CLI support that i desperately need (I have batch files that automate the entire demuxing process, create avs, etc.) so I will have to have 2 separate dvd2avis installed i guess.

29th August 2002, 02:02
Guys sorry to bother you again, but

Anybody experienced shaky subtitles on a standalone?
If so, any solutiones, suggestions?


6th September 2002, 08:20
Obviously, there are problems with getting subs to sync when dealing with interlaced or hybrid material using Subrip .sst output. Any suggestions?

11th September 2002, 18:39
i always use CCE to encode but this time i wanted to encode with CCE and keep the original menu....

I followed Joseph2 method and everything worked PERFECT

the movie i did was blade 2

also i wanted to add that i used spruce-up to do the remux

just wanted to say thanx but the copy and pasting was a bitch but worth it

thanx again

ghetto pornstar
25th September 2002, 02:11
wow. this thread is awesome.


you wouldn't happen to be willing to share those batch files and perhaps let me in on a place where i can get the dvd2avi w/ CLI, wouldja?

if not, no worries, i understand :)

30th September 2002, 21:36

I'm getting ready to release this publicly, just trying to get up the gusto to do so haha.

I can give you a private copy if you'd like.

It's batch code, with supplied .exes to support it (including the CLI DVD2AVI). It also has right click support in explorer, etc. I've worked a long time on perfecting the functionality. My only concern is that I don't want people modifying my script and then propagating it out there, since if they don't know 100% what they're doing, they could really mess things up. If anyone experience programmer would like to work with me to port this to VB, I'd appreciate the help, since that's ultimately where I'd like to go with this.

ghetto pornstar
30th September 2002, 23:07
lol! i can't believe it. that is awesome...

this type of automation is exactly where we need to go. batch files are good, but you are right, easily messed with. perhaps vb would be a way to go. i understand. still, if you're willing to hook me up i'd appreciate it -- but i can also be patient until you release it, no pressure :)

1st October 2002, 00:51
@eyes only

Send me the batch files and I'll look at converting them to VB...


8th October 2002, 08:37

OK, will do after I finish some more testing with them. Incidentally I was wondering if you could incorporate something into ifoupdate that would eliminate a step for me. Could you make ifoupdate save the setting for 'copy audio and subpicture tables' in the .ini file? I rarely use that feature (as most authoring programs dont let you specify director commentary, and i hate using the word "ENGLISH" when I really want "DIRECTOR COMMENTARY") and would value not having to uncheck it every time i start the program because right now it is always checked at start, and sometimes i forget to uncheck it and then screw up my backup!



8th October 2002, 23:22
Will do. It'll be in the next release.

12th October 2002, 20:39
@Eyes' Only

Done. Look for it in this thread (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34795). It, as well as the other changes, are explained in the README.TXT file.


13th October 2002, 20:22
Thanks, Jdobbs. You're program is invaluable, and your quick response as well as willingness to listen to our suggestions/problems says a lot for your character.

26th October 2002, 23:33
i read many replies talking about a comprehensive how-to about this thread.

there are so many trials, corrections, etc. on this thread, it is very difficult to follow.

has anyone put together a COMPLETE step by step once you guys have worked out all the bugs?


5th November 2002, 22:55
I have run into a problem a couple of times where IFOUpdate modifies the cell/chapter structure when updating the IFO file. If there are multiple cells in a single chapter on the original IFO and authored IFO (cell structure kept identical to the original in the authored IFO), the IFOupdated IFO does not keep the same structure. To illustrate...

Authored IFO
chp 1: cell 1:
chp 2: cell 2:
chp 3: cell 4:
.....: cell 5:
chp 4: cell 6:
chp 5: cell 7:

Original IFO after IFOUpdate
chp 1: cell 1:
chp 2: cell 2:
chp 3: cell 3:
chp 4: cell 4:
chp 5: cell 6:
.....: cell 7:

I have been able to get around this by using IFOEdit to then correct this. I realize that it is not necessary to recreate the cell structure in the authored IFO, however, there have been a few cases where I did this to save space as multiple PGC's would access the same cell. Using the example above, PGC1 being the main movie with the structure above in vobid 1, and PGC2 also playing cell 5 in vobid 1 as well as other cells in other vobids. Instead of duplicating cell 5 of vobid 1, I would recreate the cell structure in the authored IFO.

In the last DVD I backed up, I also noticed that as a result of this, IFOUpdate created an additional program where the orginal and authored IFO's had for example 6 programs, the IFOUpdadated IFO had 7 programs. After editing the IFO with IFOEdit, the last two programs referenced the same cell.

I am not sure if I am doing something incorrectly with IFOUpdate, or is it even possible to maintain the same cell/chapter/program structure when using IFOUpdate.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



6th November 2002, 00:14

You're giving IFOUpdate more credit than it deserves. If the original IFO after update has a one-to-one chapter/cell relationship -- it has to be because that is the way it was authored in the newly authored IFO. IFOUpdate doesn't modify the chapter/cell structure, it simply copies it as it was created.

You can verify this by using IFOUpdate (or IFOEDIT) to review the authored IFO.

15th November 2002, 23:21
Will this method work for the one pass option in CCE? This method certainly looks promising :D

Also - if I want to re-encode extras, how do I calculate the quality settings in cce. I can do it for the main movie but struggle when I have to work it out for multiple movies + multiple audio files.

16th November 2002, 00:11
With this method I have been able to back up every DVD I've tried -- all with complete menus. Yes it will work with single pass.

One of the reasons I recommend using the Robshot method (2 pass) is the fact that when adjusting bitrate you can what the resulting filesize will be...

16th December 2002, 22:27
probably gonna get flamed for this but.....where can i find info on the "robshot method"?


16th December 2002, 23:00
I hope you do get flamed too!!! Click the "search" button at the top and search for "Robshot Method link". Now how hard was that? I'm sorry if this seems like a rude reply but GEEZE!!!! In this day and age when practically EVERYONE at least knows what a web browser is, I find it so hard to understand why no one knows the value of a search engine or how to use it. What the hell did you people do in the days of the "card catalog" at the library?? You must have truly been lost.

16th December 2002, 23:44
its just that i did a search m8 and the robshot.com website is down...i thought it might have been relocated somewhere.

sorry:( :( :(

17th December 2002, 00:01
um...you STILL didn't read through the results, did you? I even told you what to search for! *sigh* Let me spell it out even further... 4th result...last post (by Doom9). If you still can't find it, then you should seriously reconsider tackling a DVD project because it's a lot more complex than navigating searches here on the forum.

17th December 2002, 00:19
no m8 i did find it but i was looking for the actual robshot site but i guess there isn't one anymore?

found and read the guide.

sorry for infuriating u m8.

it is christmas m8 cut me some seasonal slack?

17th December 2002, 22:52
I'm all for seasonal slack...

Happy Holidays everyone.

17th December 2002, 23:16
I'm a scrooge. :devil: Thank you. Drive through. :D I *did* however specifically point it out. No one said I had to be nice. Just helpful. hehehe

18th December 2002, 02:44
Bahh Hummbug. Untrue. Scrooge never wrote any guides. ;)

18th December 2002, 13:19
Indeed, Trilight, the guy who would call you "nice" is not born yet...

Stop harassing newbies, will you ? They are the hope of a renewal for your old tired generation (well, not all of them though...)


Waldok :cool:

18th December 2002, 20:00
Harassing? Hardly. I personally read TONS of stuff for weeks before even trying anything. Not being able to find info on the "Robshot method" Do a search for it and tell me how much there is to read and if you are able to find info. It was an absurd question. Old and tired generation?? hehe I didn't even know the first thing about DVDR until I bought my burner about 8 months ago or so. Besides, if you were to really investigate the work done by myself and those of "my generation", I think you'll find we have the only *reliable* method of doing a full DVD9 to DVD5 backup. We also spend a great deal of time assisting people in real-time on IRC. Newbies who want to learn? I'm there for them. Newbies who don't even try and don't ask intelligent questions? They annoy me.

19th December 2002, 13:01
Alright, TRilight,

No need to justify, I was just teasing a bit.
I also learned a lot from these invaluable forums, on a subject I had never heard of a few months ago. So big up for all your guys.

Still, one must pay attention not to "over consider" himself cause newbies from today might teach us a lot in a few weeks....(provided we treat them well)

Keep up the good work

Waldok :cool:
Newbie 'til I'm dead

19th December 2002, 20:50
Hey Trilight. Where can I find the Robshot method?

He he. Just kidding. :D

Seriously though, has anyone compiled everything in this thread and posted the relevant parts somewhere? 'tis a lot to read through.


19th December 2002, 20:53
Just highlight all words that have the letters [A through Y] in them. That should just about cover the pertinent information. Oh yeah I forgot... highlight the ones with Z in them too!

20th December 2002, 00:14

that didn't work.

20th December 2002, 02:19
Eyes Only. Just me poking around some more at all the apps out there. I have one question.

I read through this WHOLE thread today and after trying to absorb it all, I noticed DVD Decrypter comes with an option to export chapters for Scenarist and CCE. I don't see anybody discussing that "feature."

Does it not work correctly? Any reason to still do it the hard way?


20th December 2002, 03:21
Just use ScenChap, Valnar.

20th December 2002, 03:55
That chapter exporting feature is for pasting into your .ecl file in CCE. It has nothing to do with Scenarist, far as I know. Most of us don't even bother creating the chapters in CCE, because if you don't do it, the chapters are off by at most 1 frame. It's really only necessary on some movies such as Memento where you can definitely tell if the chapter is not exactly on the right frame.

20th December 2002, 12:56
I'll put in my request to have Doitfast4U also do the Scenchap part too. Can that be included?


20th December 2002, 17:23
Not everyone uses Scenarist, Valnar. Plus, there are a number of different versions of ScenChap which behave quite differently. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, there is no controlling ScenChap via CLI. It's very "drag and drop" oriented. Have you used it yet?

20th December 2002, 17:31
Unfortunately not. Scenchap can only be effective implemented after importing your videos into Scenarist, and then exporting to a .scp file. If you wish more automation, Daxab's going to have to be the one to do it, since he knows more of the ins and outs of Scenarist itself! The way Scenarist does it's .scn and .scp files is so complex that many attempts i've seen to emulate it have failed, though work in a limited fashion. Scenchap is the only method i've seen that works with a 99.9% effectiveness presently.

I sure would like a Scenchap feature that made it easier to import VobID chapters though :D

If you want an understanding of how complex the Scenarist generated files are, export to .scp and open the .scp file up in Notepad. If that wasn't enough, try to figure out how to delete one scene yourself, then save your .scp and try to re-import it. Most likely Scenarist will balk. It's extremely fickle!

21st December 2002, 08:02
What a discussion...

Is it correct that if we do have multi PGC's then we must use Scenarist or Maestro in order to create a similar to the original DVD "stucture" during authoring?

I guess we couldn't use Spruce up in a multi PGC case since the original IFO (authored one) must have more or equal number of PGC's to the "to be modified" IFO in order for IFOUPDATE to work.

What about the merge menu function of Ifoedit? I have authored a multi PGC title with Ifoedit 0.95 (subs are still an issue) and when I use the merge menu function of Ifoedit the menu and the chapter points are correct. The only issue that I have is that the menu buttons are not highlighted any more. They do work if you use the mouse to select them but the standalones do not have a mouse available... Also the menu sound is not coming on. The menu vob has sound and plays fine by itself. Is there a way to fix/patch that function of ifoedit or the ifoedit produced ifo?

The Analyst

22nd December 2002, 00:22
You can use IFOEDIT, but if you're doing NTSC with 2:3 pulldown there is an annoying IFOEDIT timing bug. The chapters get set wrong (unless you manually change them), and when it plays back on my Sony player the time display jumps around.

22nd December 2002, 19:20
It's funny how everything is written to these two programs, but you can't really get them legally anymore.

Perhaps Scenarist is being sold, but not on Sonic's main webpage, to say the least, and must cost a grip. DVD Maestro isn't made anymore...

Is there an alternative to these two programs? Anything free, or close to free?


22nd December 2002, 19:47
I've found ReelDVD to be a nice package. It won't do everything that Scenarist does, but it will do Multiple PGCs, handles AC3, gives limited subtitle support, and is pretty easy to use. You have to break out the PGCs before you backup a DVD -- but that works really well with Eyes Only's DoitFast4U methods...

ReelDVD is still in the $900+ price range (I've seen it for $750 when you purchase it with a burner). So it's typically aimed for those who do some level of professional authoring (weddings, home-video transfers, corporate videos and the like).

As for free, IFOEDIT is a close as you will get. I think it will become the default in the near future with a little tweaking -- and it will already do perfect PAL backups. You can also do some things with the BBMPEG series of software as well.

19th November 2003, 08:46