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17th February 2002, 23:57

How do I rip VHS/TV/DVD using a DV capture card? I don't want to loose quality by using composite jacks (or would the quality be OK?). I use a ATI all in wonder pro card at the moment but the quality of video capture using composite jacks is terrible. Is there a way to connect a SCART to your DV capture card to ensure no loss in quality?

Sorry if im being stupid.


18th February 2002, 06:29
A direct connection from SCART to firewire is not possible afaik. You can connect your video hardware to firewire through a camcorder, though. But that doesn't mean you won't lose quality: The DV format itself is compressed (lossy).

I think if you connect your video hw directly to your PC via S-Video and capture using HUFFYUV or MJPEG will give you the best quality possible.


18th February 2002, 17:38
Why not connect S-Video to DV cam and firewire to PC?

I have done this for clips that had A LOT of light (Atomic bomb explosion, etc.) and it looked fine over S-Video -> DV cam -> PC but not Composite -> PC.

DV is lossy, but not that much.

18th February 2002, 18:39
Not all cameras will allow it.
You can use a stand alone DV bridge like the Dazzel Holliwood DV Bridge or the Canopus ABDV.

19th February 2002, 16:42
So I could just use the Dazzle Hollywood DV Brige and plug it into a firewire port on my system; i wouldn't need any internal cards? (except a firewire one of course)

19th February 2002, 17:37

11th March 2002, 06:46
I just started playing with a Dazzle Hollywood TV Bridge, the quality thru S-Video is really very good. For playback, a ripped DVD played thru the S-Video was nearly indistinguishable from playing the DVD thru component-video on my TV. But for some reason the video capture looks a little noisy, as if I had a weak broadcast source, even tho the source looks fine on my TV.

11th March 2002, 09:50
Cascading compressions :rolleyes:

11th March 2002, 18:21
I don't see how. I'm talking about taking an S-Video source (from the tuner in my S-VHS VCR) into the DV-Bridge and displaying that on my monitor. There's only one compression occurring here, when the Bridge converts the analog to DV. (Unless the broadcast program itself was digitally compressed at some point, but you can't avoid that, if so.) Setting the DV decoder to half resolution and scaling up smooths the image out, but it seems like a waste.

12th March 2002, 00:18
Try to reverse the field order when capturing.
What do you get ?

14th March 2002, 17:38
I've been following this thread as well as "Capturing Video > Card recommendation" and I'm a little confused. I recently purchased a Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge and am quite unhappy with the results. While it is highly possible that this is the result of cockpit error, I have tried lots of experiments to no avail.

I believe my computer is sufficient (1.3Ghz Athlon, 1GB mem, about 220GB disk (mostly 7200rpm/ata-133) [working for a computer manufacture has its benefits]

I have quite a few unique movies on Laserdisk and VHS. My goal is to convert them to VCD's. After capturing the LD video (MainActor DV-Capture) the resulting AVI looks fine - very large, but fine. I haven't tried capturing VHS as yet.

I have used TMPGEnc to convert the AVI to MPG. I have also used the internal format conversion supplied by Ahead Nero (my burning SW). The resulting VCD is LESS than satisfactory - quite grainy.

Am I making a fundamental mistake or am I totally barking up the wrong tree? Should I continue along with Dazzle, or is the Pinnacle DV-500 (as mentioned in the other forum), the way to go? Or perhaps even some other solution. I've got $300 into the Dazzle + 50 into the firewire. I can still return this stuff, and I don't mind spending a few more $$, but I want a viable solution.

Thanks for any advise in advance,


15th March 2002, 07:17
If you didn't know abt this -> well as far as I know VCD bitrate won't let you have good quality. Increase bit rate and see what happens.

I did capture my analog camcorder footage, friends VHS home movies via Canopus DVStorm composite and resulting AVI were fine, but VCD (mpeg1) quality was grany, etc. When I tried mpeg2 with higher bitrates VBR I got much better results. Very acceptable for TV.