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16th February 2002, 21:15

Ok, Here goes:

I have been scrutinizing this site for answers for over a week now and I am still having the same problem. I am trying to backup Shrek by removing all but the AC3 stream and the extra scenes, WHILE keeping the Menus. I read the thread about Chumboy where he just removed the VOB's with the extras on it and kept the corresponding ifo and bup files. That worked fine. I still had access to the menus. Then I tried opening IFOedit to remove the AC3 stream, which was successful, but then when I replay the movie the menus are gone. I am assuming that this is because IFOedit renamed all the IFO's, so the bups and ifos I kept for the deleted scenes were all removed. I guess my question is, what is the procedure if I want to remove deleted scenes to get it down to 4.3 GB and get rid of all but the AC3 Stream without losing the menu? What should be done first, second, etc? I already followed Derrows guide countless times, but I seem to be screwing something up. Attached is a JPG screenshot of the Shrek layout (VTS_10 is out of view)

I am a NEWBIE. Please explain in as many details as you can how I can do this in as few steps as possible. THANKS IN ADVANCE

16th February 2002, 21:18
Added info:

Used DVD Decrypter to rip files onto HD. Hopefully this post will include the JPG screenshot