View Full Version : Divx - vcd going out of sync

15th February 2002, 16:52
this has happened only once with Dogma and its driving me nuts. NO matter what I do with tmpeg it gradually goes out of sync. i have extracted the audio to a wav through vitualdub. It still doesn't work. Both video and audio are the same length. No errors show up in the encoding process. Anyone know of a solution or of an alternative method that would work. The initial avi file was recorded with the divx 4 codec.
One other problem. A friend was trying to put the LOTR svcd onton tape. It played grand on his player but macrovision protection kicked in when he tried to record it !! Why is this? I thought there's no protection on svcds.
Any help would be appreciated.

19th February 2002, 11:02
its possible there was audio delay in the original file,try extractiiing audio to wave again and re-mux with the original divx and see if it is out of synch.if not just use whole file in tmpeg as source.if its a 2 disc movie the end file will be bigger than 2gb so i hope u have ntfs.

19th February 2002, 11:09
u can also try this link.looks involved but proberbly worth it.


19th February 2002, 11:35
thanks that link looks promising.
when I extracted the wav it was the same length as the movie. The avi file is only 700mb.
Originally, I split the divx file before encoding to mpeg. Both files were in sync but the audio wav for the first bit was shorter than it should have been.
I'll try out the sound forge thing anyway.