View Full Version : Subtitles missing from multi-language movie

15th February 2002, 07:17
I suspect this question has been asked several times before. A DVD I'm attempting to rip has mostly English audio. However, there are some Spanish actors that are speaking Spanish. If you play the DVD in a DVD player and subtitles are turned off, the English actors have no subtitles, but the Spanish actors have subtitles in English. Now if I rip & encode the flick w/o subtitles, the Spanish actors have no subtitles. There are no subtitles at all. If I add English subtitles, all audio gets subtitles, including the English actors. So how do I get English subtitles just for the Spanish actors in this case? The DVD player figured it out, so what am I missing?

15th February 2002, 10:39
Rip subs using newest VobSub and select "Forced subtitles" (or something like that) in config dialog of DVobSub

(or edit the IDX file if you want burnt-in)

15th February 2002, 22:26
Yes, I'm looking to burn the forced subtitles into the flick without burning the optional subs. How can this be done through editing of the IDX file? Would it be easier using SSA format?