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15th February 2002, 02:11
I've made Shrek. It has 3 angles.

In the firs attempt:

Choosed adjust angle and down in the left corner I choosed remove angles and keep angle 1.

Then I didn't choose the vobid 3 and 4 cause these ones where repeating the same thing but in other languages (here is the angles I think) .

The resolt was that the movie plays at my settop but it stops for about 15 seconds when it says "DreamWorks Pictures Presents" and for about 8 seconds when movie is just just about to begin. Question, it makes this because I should had choosen other option in ifoedit ?

Would it be during the encoding in rempeg2, I think here not because I made the process a 2nd time and the same stops at almost at the exact time (the time also stops in the settop and after those seconds the time starts running again). Or was during the muxing ?

When, you guys, are in front of a multiangle movie which option you select in ifoedit ?

I know (like doom guide says) that we should remove the unnecessary languages and subtitles so that when remuxing the sound with the *.m2v we get a good sync. But in multiangles movies we should proced as same ?

Thanks for you answers.


15th February 2002, 18:37
You where right, that the angles have been in VOB-ID 3 and 4.

VOB-ID 3 contains the 1st angle, and 4 the socond angle.

So why did you remove both VOB-IDs ?
If you remove both, then there will be a part of the movie missing! And so it can happen that the player stoppes playing at this point.

15th February 2002, 18:51
No, the film has 3 angles and I choose to keep the 1st angle. VobID 2 has the angle 1.

15th February 2002, 19:08
Ah, I see.

Then it's okay, except for the option to adjust angles.
You must use the option 'Remove Angle Pointers', and leave the adjust angle pointers unchecked.

15th February 2002, 23:51
Thanks Derrow ;)