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15th February 2002, 00:23
tempgenc i have been using for a long time
4 months ago i was getting mpeg 2 video cd onto 1 disc
a few other programs have now come up to scratch

now im onto dvdr

the BEST AND ONLY programs are

smart ripper
dvd decrypter
dvd to avi (with mp3 support)

from these you will get very good quality super video cds on one 80 min media:devil:

15th February 2002, 01:25
what on earth are you going on about man?

17th February 2002, 02:34
:stupid: (UHT)

Just because you got something to work decently doesn't mean it's the only solution that works. TMPG isn't the best solution for SVCD by any means. Shut the hell up if you don't know what you're talking about.

17th February 2002, 03:55
yay , i think