View Full Version : Synchronise subs to an Mpeg-2

14th February 2002, 19:41
I have trouble sync subs to a SVCD....

I use SubSync and everytime subsync gives different times so the time is no correct and i dont know when to let it start and end.

Anyone has a prog to sync subs to a SVCD.

14th February 2002, 21:48
Until a few months ago I had the very same kind of probs.
The solution was:
Rip with another ripper !
Usually I use Smartripper or DVDdecrypter.
When the files are ripped and copied to the HD I run vobsub (2.03)
and if I get not error everything will be ok.
Text is timed on a DVD, that is if the movie is ripped good the timing will be good. If I get an error on either of the two progs I run Vstrip. I never, and I repeat, never had any probs with Vstrip and subs (using the next last version a.t.m. but the last one will do the job at least as good as the later).
In other words: rip your mpg2 again with Vstrip !
If you are unable to do this U must do it the hard way (manually changing the time stamp in vobsub)