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13th February 2002, 23:14

i've muxed avi + dual ogg but when i use subtitles (dvobsub), the dvobsub language menu "overwrites" the ogg stream selector one (named "language" too)

i guess we'll have to wait for a new vobsub version to fix this
or maybe is there another solution ?

i've tried to mux the oggs with nandub (using rc3 dll from ogg sdk) to get a real avi and use morgan stream switcher for audio , but when i play the avi, media player can't find any valid decoder for audio (i've got direct show ogg installed)

help please :)


14th February 2002, 00:43
gabest just mailed me the solution, thanks to him

The problem is that media player only checks the first filter it founds which support stream switching. Try the green arrow at the system tray, it should list every stream of every filter.

i hadn't see this green arrow, which is new in version 2.06 or higher i guess, and it lists the ogg language menu, and the vobsub one

just great