View Full Version : DC10+: Capture yes, preview no ?!

13th February 2002, 14:13
I do not consider myself as a newbie capture-wise, but this time I'm lost !

Using AM Capture, the default cap program, I can capture with no problem but the preview window is just a white box.
And if I hit "Preview" the whole thing freezes.

I'm guessing it has to do w/ my videocard but I'm not sure.
Any ideas ?:confused: :confused:

System: Thunderbird 1ghz, DDRAM 256mb, WD HD, ATI RADEON 64mo PRO VIVO, Pinnacle DC10+.

Thx !

13th February 2002, 15:48
What do you mean by AM capture being the default capture program?

The DC10+ is designed to work with the Studio software, and does work with some others, such as AVI_IO.

Have you tried to capture with the Pinnacle Studio software and/or AVI_IO?

13th February 2002, 18:23
I've tried every known program, including Studio, Vdub and avi_io.
They freeze the pc as soon as they start.

14th February 2002, 21:42
did you install PPE ? I had this freeze problem and it solved it ! :D