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24th September 2013, 15:48
I have a dvr on a license plate security camera. Over the internet I can download an .afs video file without a date/time stamp and a .pfs video file with a date/time stamp. I can find out nothing about a .psf video file - ? progressive segmented frame. Does anyone know how to convert this file to a standard .avi file. The dvr is a digital watchdog - Vmax series flex.



24th September 2013, 21:57
The name of the file is .psf - not .pfs.


25th September 2013, 03:38
I gather your DVR serves video over the Internet, and you want to access that video? According to the fine manual (http://publiclibrary.dwcc.tv/DVR/VMAX/01Manual_VMAX.pdf), 5.3 Web monitoring

User has to download Active-X file :eek: from DVR and install it at workstation P/C before monitoring live video.There's also a free iphone viewer app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dw-vmax/id396640280?mt=8). Interestingly, compatible with BlackMagic as well.

Maybe you want to access the video stream directly? The video may be scrambled in some way. I would expect that much protection for a security camera on the Internet - maybe I expect too much though.

If it's not scrambled, since it's described as an "H.264" device, suggest demuxing the file somehow. Try everything; start by sending it direct to ffmpeg, then try renaming the file to .avi, .mp4, etc. Try to extract a valid H.264 stream.

If it's really a Progressive Segmented Frame file (which I doubt - "psf" could mean anything), Progressive segmented frame (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_segmented_frame) is easily convertible (https://www.google.com/search?q="progressive+segmented+frame"+avisynth) to progressive video with Avisynth, with the help of the smart folks here.

26th September 2013, 17:23
Thanks for your reply!

I have the manual and have read it. I am able to view on line the live camera action as well previous recorded camera files. I can download .asf files without date/time stamps which can be played in a microsoft player. I can convert this to .avi with virtualdub. I can download .psf files with date/time stamps. I can only view these with a prepriotory player supplied by digital watchdog. I need to convert this to an .avi to use in software that will capture the license plates and to manipulate in virtualdub.

I have talked with the digital watchdog people and they cannot answers the questions about the two file above.

I have changed the file suffix to .avi, etc and been unable to play it or manipulate in virtualdub.

I would like to convert the file to progressive video with an .avi suffix as you suggested above. I was unable to find and/or understand anything that I found in avisynth that would accomplish this.

Can you help?

Is it possible that a date/time stamp is embedded in the .asf file that could be brought out?



27th September 2013, 02:16
Okay I misunderstood - so they are both video files, one (.asf) with date & time overlay and one (.psf) without?

Can you try to get a MediaInfo (http://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo) report on them? Both of them if possible. (MediaInfo view mode=text; right-click, select all, copy) This should help us figure out a way to demux the .psf file. BTW, I have no special expertise at demuxing strange file formats, any help here is welcome!

Looking ahead a bit, *if* we can't read the .psf at all for some reason, we can regenerate your date/time stamp from the .asf (with Avisynth) if we can determine the file date & time. Does the file have have "last modified" date & time available - perhaps on the server's web page (or ftp or whatever it is)? If not, MediaInfo may be able to get this information.

EDIT - another fallback would be to screen-capture your Microsoft player.

27th September 2013, 02:46
The .asf file does not have the date/time stamp - the .psf has. I have used total recorder to record the.psf file as an .avi - lagarith file. I have not had enough time to experiment with that yet but will.

I am not familiar with mediainfo but will download it and see what I can do. I will let you know if I need help with it.



27th September 2013, 03:23
Here is the information from media info - essentially nothing on .psf file.

General - .psf

Complete name : C:\1. LP software\2. watchdog\09-25-13-14.psf
File size : 4.71 MiB


General - .asf

Complete name : C:\1. LP software\2. watchdog\Augusta.asf
Format : Windows Media
File size : 2.32 MiB
Duration : 53s 266ms
Overall bit rate : 366 Kbps
Maximum Overall bit rate : 4 000 Kbps
Encoded date : UTC 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000
WM/EncodingSettings : Lavf52.64.2

ID : 1
Format : MPEG-4 Visual
Codec ID : MP43
Codec ID/Info : Microsoft MPEG-4 v3 (pre-standard)
Codec ID/Hint : Microsoft
Description of the codec : msmpeg4
Duration : 53s 267ms
Bit rate : 344 Kbps
Width : 352 pixels
Height : 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 3:2
Frame rate : 30.000 fps
Standard : NTSC
Bit depth : 8 bits
Compression mode : Lossy
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.136
Stream size : 2.19 MiB (94%)


27th September 2013, 03:57
Screen capture may be the way to go. :/ The .asf file looks like a compressed, possibly lower-resolution version, not worth spending a lot of time on. Sorry I'm not more help!

27th September 2013, 11:24
Is there any chance of converting the .psf file to a progressive or .avi file?

Is there any chance that the .asf file contains a date/time stamp that could be brought out?

Could the date/time stamp on th.pst file be moved from the top left toe the bottom middle?

Thank you for all of your help!


27th September 2013, 22:36
Pivot Player, available on the Vmax Flex product page (http://digital-watchdog.com/products/?route=product/product&product_id=920), plays .psf files, which appear to contain multiple camera streams - apparently a proprietary format.

Pivot can export .asf (Microsoft Advanced Systems Format) videos, but I have no idea if it exports with date/time overlays. Worth a try. Go to the link above, Downloads tab; scroll down to "Software - Windows - PIVOT_CMS..." Rename the downloaded file - it should have a .zip extension.

27th September 2013, 23:18
I have a sixteen channel version of this program. It plays .psf file on the player and converts to mp4 without date/time stamp.



27th September 2013, 23:23
Here is the information from media info

Complete name : C:\Documents and Settings\Ben\My Documents\9_01_20130920_141005.mp4
Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID : mp42
File size : 2.47 MiB
Duration : 49mn 48s
Overall bit rate : 6 929 bps
Encoded date : UTC 2013-09-26 18:03:06
Tagged date : UTC 2013-09-26 16:16:09

ID : 1
Format : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile : Baseline@L3.0
Format settings, CABAC : No
Format settings, ReFrames : 1 frame
Muxing mode : Container profile=Unknown@1.3
Codec ID : avc1
Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding
Duration : 49mn 48s
Bit rate mode : Variable
Bit rate : 6 823 bps
Maximum bit rate : 15.4 Kbps
Width : 352 pixels
Height : 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 3:2
Frame rate : 1.250 fps
Standard : NTSC
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 8 bits
Scan type : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.065
Stream size : 2.43 MiB (98%)
Language : English
Encoded date : UTC 2013-09-26 18:03:06
Tagged date : UTC 2013-09-26 16:15:07

28th September 2013, 00:14
Realistically, I think you are stuck with screen-capturing.

Unless you want to try the Avisynth workaround I hinted at before. #avisynth
Subtitle("dd-mmm-yyyy", align=1)
ShowSMPTE(offset="hh:mm:ss:00") Replace "D:\<path>\exported.mp4" with the actual file path, with quotation marks included as shown; Replace "dd-mmm-yyyy" with the correct date, either from Pivot player or deduced from the file date (use whatever date format you like; it is not important) replace "hh:mm:ss:00" with the start time of the video, either from Pivot player, or back-timed from the file time, subtracting video duration (use this exact time format, it *is* important)

28th September 2013, 04:45
I have already complained to digital watchdog and contacted their engineering dept. but have not heard from them in return!

I do not understand what the :00 is at the end of "hh:mm:ss:00".

I tried using this .avs script:

DirectShowSource("C:\1. LP software\2. watchdog\09-25-01-01-date-time-lag-avi.avi")
Subtitle("2013-09-25", align=1)

and got this error message:

Evaluate: System exception - Access violation
(C:\1. LP software\avisynth\Time-Stamp.avs, line 3)

Can you help?


28th September 2013, 10:09
>I do not understand what the :00 is at the end of "hh:mm:ss:00"
hours:minutes:seconds:frames - you can change it, but I assumed frames = zero

Your script works OK for me, with Avisynth 2.60, and it *should* work with 2.58 also

28th September 2013, 14:48
I was running avisynth 2.50. I changed to 2.6 and the script functioned properly.

The problem now is that the recording is a motion detection recording and only records when motion is detected. Therefore in a one hour period it only records 3545 frames and the SMPTE shows only 00:01:58. I guess that there is no solution to this.

The date is in the lower left corner and the time-frame is lower center. Is there anu way with the avisynth smpte to place the date/time stamp in the center as below:

2013-09-25 13:00:43:00

On the screen-captured .avi the date/time stamp is in the left upper corner. Is there any way to copy and move it to lower center?

Thanks again for all of your time.


28th September 2013, 15:34
You can adjust position and change fonts, colors etc on both Subtitle and ShowSMPTE - see the Avisynth documentation :)

Moving parts of the screen around can be done with a little more difficulty, using Crop and Overlay...

28th September 2013, 18:24
I have cropped the original .avi file from the screen copy with date/time stamp so that I now have a file that only includes the date/time stamp and one that does not include the date/time stamp.

I have then overlayed these two files with the following avisynth script:

clip1 = AviSource("C:\1. LP software\2. watchdog\09-25-01-01-crop-date-time-lag.avi").ConvertToYUY2
clip2 = AviSource("C:\1. LP software\2. watchdog\09-25-01-01-save-date-time-lag.avi").ConvertToYUY2
return Layer(clip1, clip2, "fast")

to obtained and .avi file that contains the two files above combined.

This has two problems. The date/time stamp is not as bright as the original and the frame still has the date/ time stamp on the top.

Can the above script be modified too brighten the date/time stamp and to place it in the middle bottom of the frame?



28th September 2013, 23:19
I am not comfortable continuing with this thread, as (besides roaming far from the original topic) its legal status is shaky, your proper ownership of the footage in question has not been established, and any further action on my part could possibly be construed as helping you to alter or falsify security camera footage. If that is your plan, it is inadvisable. Of course I know it isn't - that would be silly.
Take care,

28th September 2013, 23:37
Thanks for all your time and knowledge!

I am sorry that that I caused you to feel uncomfortable. I was only attempting to arrange the information in a way that my license plate recognition program could work with it. As far as I see I have not attempted to falcify the information but only to rearrange the original information so that it was usable.